Monday, 23rd January 2017
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Phil Collen On Loving Coldplay/New Def Leppard DVD

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Virginia radio and mentioned his favourite current bands.

Phil spoke to DJ's Les Sinclair and Sherry Taylor of Z 95.1 radio in Charlottesville, VA about the new release which comes out on 27th January in the UK and Japan (10th February elsewhere).

Phil talked about producing the new Tesla album, eating well whilst on tour, why he doesn't wear clothes on stage, how he started playing guitar at 14, being in a band for so long, the new live DVD, the Hysteria album, the age range of the crowd, his favourite song to play, music he listens to/Coldplay and Joe's end of show phrase.

Phil says one current band he loves is Coldplay and he again mentions the new DVD.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

Two other versions are also available - (both use audio from the 10 minute version and are not different).

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Z 95.1 Radio - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Live From Detroit DVD

"It's like the best we've ever been like last year. You know we have this DVD coming out. And the reason we actually done that in the first place was because everyone kept saying; 'You know we've seen you guys over the last 30 years and this is the best time we've ever seen you' So we actually decided to you know record a show so we could document that."

"And that, yeah it blows me away. It still blows me away the fact that we can still actually play better now than we did back then."

Music He Listens To

"Everything. You know I have like playlists I work out to. I've got a 70s funk one. I've got - you know, whatever it is. Of modern day bands or bands that are out there now that are doing well. I love Coldplay, I think they're great. I think you know melodically the songs are great. Just a lot of different things you know. Could be Jazz and I could be listening to Miles Davis one minute and kind of you know Zeppelin the next. So yeah just everything. All the above."

And There Will Be A Next Time...Live From Detroit DVD Title

"Yeah Joe says that every single night. So if anyone has ever been to a Def Leppard show in the last, what 15 years, he says that right at the end. So and the next time will be...May. Indeed we'll be there so yeah sure."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
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