Tuesday, 17th January 2017
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Phil Collen Says New Tesla Studio Album Is Rock Sgt. Pepper

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed on Sirius XM radio and mentioned the new Tesla album.

Phil spoke to DJ Eddie Trunk on Friday night about the upcoming North American tour and also the next Tesla album.

Phil talked about the how Eddie's radio show and website mistakenly "leaked" the 2017 tour dates (on 12th January), finishing the Tesla album, how it was recorded on tour, band friendship, the 2017 North American tour, Poison tour stories, Bret Michaels tour 'announcements' at solo shows, 2016 Classic Rock award/awards shows performance, Rocklahoma Festival, joining Def Leppard in 1982, Delta Deep's history/new music, what Sav does on his time off, an update on Joe's voice and Vivian's health.

Phil said he was currently in Sacramento finishing up work on the Tesla album which he said has been described as the rock version of The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper'.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon told various interviewers last year that the album should be out in Spring 2017. Tesla have their own headline tour dates scheduled from 1st February through to 4th March be fore they join Def Leppard for the 8th April show in Manchester, NH.

Many thanks to Curt for sharing the interview which lasted around 28 minutes.

This interview was broadcast live on 13th January during the show which runs from 2pm to 4pm ET. And was then replayed between 9pm to 11pm ET.

The audio may eventually be added to the Eddie Trunk Podcast page. The 30th November show is the latest one currently available. (Posted on 12th January).

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Sirius XM - Phil Collen 13th January 2017 Interview Quotes

Finishing The New Tesla Album

"Really good. like crazy busy. I literally just walked into the studio. I'm up in Sacramento. I'm finishing off the Tesla album. We're doing that which is amazing. It's like the best description I've heard it's the rock Sgt. Pepper. It's so varied. It's amazing. Everyone's playing and Jeff's singing like a monster."

"Everyone's sick at the moment so we're just finishing off but yeah it's just great. Everyone's really excited about that."

Working/Touring With Tesla

"It did and I think what was really great we kinda done a lot of this album like the Def Leppard Sparkle Lounge album. On tour we'd be, we'd grab a room or somewhere in a basement in a venue or something. And literally go and record guitars on a bus, in a hotel room and we've got a lot of stuff like that you know."

"We got 12 songs that are killer. I mean I'm really excited about it as well. It's amazing. I just can't wait for it to come out."

"And we actually got bits of it while we were out on tour. Again which is a great thing to do. You don't wanna wait you know sit around in a studio all the time. It's just nice when you get the inspiration and that just to take the muse and grab it. So we've been doing it like that really."

Rekindling Friendship With Tesla In Recent Years

"Totally you know and we hang out all the time as well. So I've spent probably the last, most of the last two years you know with the guys. We've been on tour together and it's like then we have a break and I'm like in the studio. And again it's such a great way to do an album because, like I said, we have fun, we hang out in the day and go eat and stuff then get back in the studio. It really takes a lot of the grunt work out of it. You know f you're just hanging with your buddies. It's just a really great way to do it."

"You know we do have great history so it's really cool and it's all come together in such a lovely way. It's great."

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