Wednesday, 5th April 2017
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Phil Collen On Fan Reaction To Def Leppard's 1996 SLANG Album

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed ahead of the 2017 tour and mentioned the 1996 Slang album.

Phil spoke to Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette ahead of the new tour.

Phil talked about the longevity and relationships of the band, surviving tough times, his time working in a factory, fan reaction to the Slang album and their current live shows and success.

Phil was promoting the show in Montreal, QC which takes place on Monday 10th April at the Bell Centre.

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Slang 1996.

Montreal Gazette - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

1996 Slang Album

"We did an album in ’96 called Slang and it was a lot darker. A lot of the fans didn’t like it. I loved it. It was us experimenting with artistic expression. As cool as it was, it didn’t really go down well. So you have to be even more creative because your parameters for writing songs are a little narrower. You have to follow those guidelines."

2015 Def Leppard Album Success

"When we released that last album and it went top ten in like 25 different countries, I thought – ‘Wow. This is spectacular. Who would’ve thought?’ As long as we deliver, it gets more exciting. It actually really does."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar