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14 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Release Long Long Way To Go Single

Friday, 14th April 2017

Long Long Way To Go 2003.

Def Leppard released their Long Long Way To Go single on this day in 2003 in the UK.

The second single to be released from the 'X/Ten' album.

The song reached Number 40 in the UK charts.

It was co-written by songwriters Wayne Hector and Steve Robson. The first single released by the band as an original but written by someone else.

1994's 'Action' single being a cover of an old song by The Sweet.

The song was later recorded by Lionel Richie for his 2004 album 'Just For You'.

His single release charted in Germany (54) and New Zealand (93).

The first and only DVD Single to be released by the band containing the UK version of the promo video.

It was also the last time the band put out original songs as B-Sides in the form of '10 X Bigger Than Love' and 'Gimme A Job'.

A live acoustic version of first single 'Now' was also included as recorded during the 2002 German promo tour.

Long Long Way To Go 2003.
UK CD Single

Phil Collen - 2002 Interview Quotes

"We heard ĎLong Long Way To Goí, and before Iíd even finished hearing the chorus I was like: ĎF**k, we gotta do this song itís fantasticí. Weíre always like, if anyoneís got great songs, just play them to us. And they happened to be the two that we really liked."

"It was one they played for us as a sample of what they could do. We said: ĎYouíre joking. Nobodyís recorded this song? Whatís the point of writing more, this is great, letís just do this one."

Phil Collen - 2004 Best Of Quote

"The first time I heard the demo - even before I got to the chorus - I said. ĎF**k, weíve gotta do thisí. Even though I donít really like ballads. It was a bit special."

Vivian Campbell - 2004 Best Of Quote

"We werenít even looking for outside songs. But it was so emotive. Iím glad that itís finally getting itís day in the sun. Itís really, really strong. Itís one of the best vocal performances that Joe has ever given. We all spent a lot of time on it. And I think it shows."

DVD Cover Disclaimer from Phil & Viv

"Joe plays the solo, nothing to do with us!." (Gimme A Job)."

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