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25 Years Ago Def Leppard's LET'S GET ROCKED At Number 2 In UK

Let's Get Rocked 1992.

Def Leppard's classic single Let's Get Rocked hit Number 2 in the UK singles chart 25 years ago on this day in 1992.

The first single to be released from the 'Adrenalize' album and their first UK release since 'Rocket' in January 1989.

It entered at Number 6 before rising to 2 and narrowly missed out on the Number 1 spot by just 146 copies.

The Shakespears Sister song 'Stay' beat it to the top spot in week seven of its eight week run at Number 1.

This was the band's biggest hit in the UK at the time, which was only surpassed by 'When Love & Hate Collide' when it also got to Number 2 in 1995.

The single had been released on 16th March 1992 and spent a total of seven weeks on the chart. Three inside the Top Ten.

It was the first of four Top 20 singles from the album in the UK.

The song was the first release after the death of guitarist Steve Clark. Their only single to be released as a four piece before they announced new guitar player Vivian Campbell.

It was first performed by the band as a four piece on BBC TV show Top Of The Pops in late March (the music was playback with Joe singing live).

The first 'live' performance was 15th April 1992 in Dublin, Ireland during Vivian's first show with the band.

Read more about the song below.

Shakespears Sister (featuring Siobhan Fahey, ex of Bananarama) were at Number One on this day with their single 'Stay'.

Other rock acts on the chart that week included Manic Street Preachers (24), Love/Hate (40) and (your Grandma's) favourite band W.A.S.P. (17).

UK Singles Chart - 4th April 1992

  • 01 - Shakespears Sister - Stay
  • 02 - Def Leppard - Let's Get Rocked - (Peak Position)
  • 03 - Mr. Big - To Be With You
  • 04 - Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy
  • 05 - Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (1992)

Joe Elliott - 1992 Interview Quote

"The first song released was the last completed - it was arranged and recorded in less than two weeks. It sounds like Def Leppard, but it's got a Prince-like approach to the verse, that kind of meter and arrangement. It's not going to win Grammy nominations, but it's fun."

Phil Collen - 1992 Interview Quote

"That was the last song we got together. We recorded it in a week, which is ridiculous when you think that some Def Leppard songs take about three years. It's kind of like 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. That only took ten days to write and record."

Joe Elliott - 1992 Interview Quote

"I wrote 'Let's Get Rocked' after watching 'The Simpsons'. I just wanna do what Steven Tyler does; he's 15 years older than me and he still writes lyrics about shagging and stuff, and why not?."

Def Leppard Let's Get Rocked - 7" Single Sleeve Quote

"You hold in your hands the first single from our new album, ADRENALIZE. A simple little ditty, Let's Get Rocked just about sums up our feelings about life."

"Also, check out Only After Dark, a Mick Ronson song we've always liked. Mick's been ill and this track is our acknowledgement to his importance...It sure feels good to be back. Play it LOUD!."

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