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Joe Elliott/Down 'n' Outz Live In Sheffield 2CD/DVD Out Soon In Japan

Saturday, 10th September 2016

Down 'n' Outz 2014.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's other band Down 'n' Outz will release their Live In Sheffield 2CD/DVD in Japan on 21st September.

'The Further Adventures Of - Live In Sheffield' 2CD/DVD set is finally being released on 21st September by Victor Entertainment.

No word yet on any release date for UK/USA or the rest of the world. Translations from some Japanese retail sites suggest it may be called 'The Further Live Adventures Of... Live In Sheffield'.

The first two studio albums are also being issued as 1CD packages in cardboard mini sleeves.

The 2CD/DVD was taped on 11th December at the Corporation in Sheffield, England. All songs shown in the tracklisting below match the exact setlist for this show.

Joe has mentioned working on this project several times over the last couple of years on his radio show.

He referenced the release of "a ton of Down 'n' Outz" stuff on his latest show earlier tonight.

A little searching revealed the release of the long awaited DVD.

in addition to all these releases the limited edition 'Live At Hammersmith Odeon' CD/DVD is also being re-released on the same day.

The Joe Elliott Show - 10th September 2016 Quotes

"Well I haven't played them for a while and they came to mind this week because I've been talking to Paul Guerin and Guy Griffin from The Quireboys regarding their new album. And it put the Down 'n' Outz into my mind."

"I've also been working with the Japanese over the last month or so. There is a entire collection of Down 'n' Outz stuff coming out all on the same day down in Japan in about a week's time."

The Joe Elliott Show - 30th July 2016 Quotes

"Evening all and welcome to the Joe Elliott show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming to this week once again from Joe's Garage in Dublin."

"One week before we head out back on the road. It has been a completely mental week this week as well. Been doing some work on a Down 'n' Outz DVD that's coming out later this year."

The Further Adventures Of Live In Sheffield - Tracklisting 2CD/DVD


  • 01 - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
  • 02 - One More Chance To Run
  • 03 - Rock And Roll Queen
  • 04 - Driviní Sister
  • 05 - Whizz Kid
  • 06 - Storm
  • 07 - Overnight Angels
  • 08 - One Of The Boys
  • 09 - Shouting and Pointing


  • 01 - Sea Diver
  • 02 - The Journey
  • 03 - Who Do You Love
  • 04 - Crash Street Kidds
  • 05 - Violence
  • 06 - England Rocks
  • 07 - Good Times
  • Cataloge Number - IEZP-106

Live At The Hammersmith Odeon - Tracklisting CD/DVD

  • 01 - Golden Opportunity
  • 02 - Overnight Angels
  • 03 - One More Chance To Run
  • 04 - Storm
  • 05 - Shouting and Pointing
  • 06 - Career (No Such Thing As Rock And Roll)
  • 07 - Who Do You Love
  • 08 - By Tonight
  • 09 - England Rocks
  • 10 - Good Times
  • 00 - Bonus Video Section
  • Cataloge Number - IEZP-105

Original release online in 2011 had the three promo videos and documentary footage as the bonus tracks.

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  • Buy Album UK @ -

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