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Joe Elliott/Ian Hunter Speakeasy Interview Airs Today (Photos/Video)

Sunday, 13th November 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott interviewed Ian Hunter in July and the long awaited TV special airs from today.

Season 2 of PBS television show Speakeasy has started airing in the USA and Joe's episode is being broadcast from today.

A list of local broadcasters is available on the Speakeasy website.

The special event was taped before a live audience on 12th July at the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse in New York..

Joe talked about the experience of interviewing his idol on his radio show shortly after the event.

Two preview videos for the series can be viewed below and via the playlist link.

The first features a one minute clip with Joe asking questions about Ian's time before Mott The Hoople and his first TV performance.

The series preview features a 20 second clip from the same footage.

View some photos below.

All previous shows have not been posted online in full. Five minute versions of interviews from Season One have been made available.

Joe Elliott/Ian Hunter - Photos

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Joe Elliott/Ian Hunter - Photos

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The Joe Elliott Show - 16th July 2016 Quotes

Ian Hunter/TV Interview

"Now we've been based in New York for the last few days before we got here. And it was a crazy time as you can imagine New York always is."

"But one of the things that I did was interview Ian Hunter for a TV special that's coming out in October. So I had to play the role of Graham Norton, Walter Kronkite, David Frost, it was kind of bizarre. But it was fun to do and I have been given permission to play this song. I think it's actually already available. From a box set that's coming out in September called Stranded In Reality. This is an out-take from the 2001 album Rant. And it is fantastic. This is called A Little Rock 'N' Roll."

Free/Ian Hunter

"During said interview with Ian Hunter. He mentioned that that is his favourite ever Free song and you could kind of see why. It has a very similar groove to stuff like Ready For Love. Which Mott did on the Dudes album which was re-recorded by Bad Company on their first album. Mick Ralphs obviously a big fan of Paul Kossoff. But that is Free there from an album called Free At Last. The song Catch A Train."

"And before that Ian Hunter with an out-take from the 2001 Rant album and it is strange when sometimes you've got these songs and you don't think that they warrant to be on the album. But then you hear them 15 years later and go wow that's actually quite good. It's from a box set that is 32 discs. It's 30 CDs, two DVDs. Ian Hunter's entire solo career called Stranded In Reality out in September."

View all the videos available so far on this YouTube playlist.

Speakeasy Videos 2016.

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