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Joe Elliott On BBC Radio 2 Tracks Of My Years Day 1

Monday, 18th January 2016

Joe Elliott 2015.
Joe Elliott/Ken Bruce 2015

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott appeared on the Ken Bruce show today for day one of the Track Of My Years feature.

Ken Bruce plays two tracks each weekday chosen by different guests and Joe is featured this week.

On the first show today Joe played songs by Ian Hunter and T. Rex.

Read his comments about each artist and song below.

A further two songs will be played each day this week. Joe is pictured above at the BBC Radio studios with host Ken Bruce.

The appearance was announced in late December 2015 and was taped on 1st December.

He appeared live on BBC Breakfast TV the same day and is shown wearing the same outfit in the photo.

Listen to today's show via the BBC iPlayer link - Joe's part starts at 2 hours 11 mins in.

The full 10 track show will be available on its own on 22nd January and the playlist is shown below.

Ken Bruce Presents Track of My Years - Joe Elliott Day One

Ian Hunter

"In 1975 I used to have two paper rounds. I actually had four. I had two in the morning and two at night and I would get two pounds a week. As opposed to 50p. And I was waiting for the papers to be delivered one day March '75. And I was just leafing through a Melody Maker or something whatever the magazine of the day was you know back in those days. And there was page three staring at me and it was an advert for Mick Ronson's 'Play Don't Worry' album and it said at the bottom on tour with Ian Hunter. And then it had the dates it said Sheffield City Hall and you know it was like March 18th or whatever and I'm like. That's today!. So I got an advance on my wages off the newspaper guy and I went home had some tea and said I'm going down to this gig. And I been a big Mott The Hoople fan since I was - could remember. But I kind of lost touch with him as a school kid does but I saw the ad and I thought I'm gonna go and it was my second ever concert. The first one was T. Rex back in '71. And then the next concert was Hunter/Ronson at the City Hall and the Ian Hunter album had just come out. Once Bitten was in the charts. It solidified what I wanted to do. I kinda knew when I was eight years old I wanted to do this. But by the time I was 15 I was like I'm definitely gonna do this."

T. Rex

"Well I picked them because as just mentioned. They were the first show that I ever saw. 1971. My mum knew I was a huge fan of T. Rex. Especially Marc Bolan. Even my parents actually liked Marc Bolan. And when I found out he was playing the City Hall I'm like please, please, please can I go?. And I was only 11 and you know obviously she's really not keen. I didn't have any friends that wanted to go so I was gonna be going on my own. So she said yeah you can go but meet me on the steps afterwards sort of thing. I remember I got in a little late and I swear it was like how I imagined Madison Square Garden to look. It was huge. I'd never seen all these hairies freaking out and shaking dandruff everywhere and stuff. And Marc Bolan doing his thing and I think Jeepster had just charted by then. So the Electric Warrior album was all over 1971 and it was just mind blowing. It was one of those things that you can never forget because it was the first thing you ever saw. The lights. The people. The whole atmosphere was just crazy. It wasn't one of these sit down gigs that you might have seen my age 20, 30 years earlier. Sinatra or Dean Martin. This was like continuation of Beatlemania really and it was just unbelievable."

Ken Bruce Presents Track of My Years - Playlist

  • 01 - Ian Hunter - Once Bitten Twice Shy - 18th January
  • 02 - T. Rex - Metal Guru - 18th January

  • 03 - Queen - Now I'm Here - 19th January
  • 04 - David Bowie - Starman - 19th January

  • 05 - Slade - Coz I Love You - 20th January
  • 06 - Mott the Hoople - All The Young Dudes - 20th January

  • 07 - Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough - 21st January
  • 08 - Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back in Town - 21st January

  • 09 - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Judy Teen - 22nd January
  • 10 - The Clash - London Calling - 22nd January