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Listen To Tesla's Save That Goodness Single Written By Phil Collen

Thursday, 21st July 2016

Tesla 2016.
Tesla 2016

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen wrote and produced the new Tesla single Save That Goodness which can now be heard on the radio.

The song will be released as the bonus track on the new Mechanical Resonance LIVE! album which is out on 26th August.

The album features all 12 of the songs from the band's debut album as recorded live on last years support tour with Def Leppard and Styx in the USA. Now arranged in a different order.

'Save That Goodness' is the bonus studio track and also Tesla's new single.

Planet Rock recently added the song to it's playlist as mentioned by Phil in his recent interview with a Detroit radio station.

Wyatt Wendels has been playing the track on 'The New Rock Show' which airs from midnight to 2am.

It was the first song played on his 19th July show which can be heard again in full via the Planet Rock player (UK only).

Update 1 - The song was also played at 21 mins into this show - Listen Again

Update 2 - A worldwide link to hear the song is now available - Listen Here

The song lasts for just under 4 minutes and is extremely catchy. Very much a Tesla song but with a Delta Deep vibe and even a touch of the Black Crowes. Debbi Blackwell-Cook providing extra background vocals. Not unlike her contribution to Def Leppard's own 'Sea Of Love'.

It should be available on rock radio stations around the world very soon - if it isn't already.

Read Phil's comments below and some by drummer Troy Luccketta who recently raved about the song and working with Phil as a producer on their next studio album.

Tesla - Save That Goodness

  • Produced By - Phil Collen
  • Written By - Phil Collen/Helen Collen/Debbi Blackwell-Cook
  • Guest Background Vocals - Debbi Blackwell-Cook

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15th July 2016 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Working With Tesla

"Case in point. You know we're doing the Tesla album. Me and Brian Wheat are actually, you know, we're just talking today about what we need to record some stuff today and there's no room at the venue. So we're gonna do some on the bus. We're actually gonna record some guitars today on the bus. And we can't wait to do that."

Save That Goodness Single

"Well you know I think they're such a great band. And last year I'm going 'You guys should be doing more'. From every level. And we kind of got a song together. It was actually originally kind of a Delta Deep thing. I thought this would be great with Jeff Keith singing on it. But here's the thing Brian said no, that's a Tesla song. Let's do it, you produce it. And I said 'Oh OK'. So we went up, we recorded it. Come out amazing."

"It's actually gonna be the single. They've got a live album coming out next month. Mechanical Resonance LIVE! and this is the bonus track and the single. That'll be coming out and everyone has been so excited. It's actually the first song in Tesla's - since 30 years that it's been added to a playlist in England. So everyone's starting to freak out about this song."

Producing The Next Tesla Album

"And that's really how the album came about. It was like this is so hot, let's do an album. So that's what we've been doing. And we do it on tour. And then I go to the studio, Brian's studio in Sacramento, when I get a chance. We do a week there and I think it's a great way of doing it. As opposed to being stuck in a place for two or three months or whatever. You actually do little bits of it and you're just constantly inspired. There's no down time. You're not scratching your head. You're just going I want to get on this and the songs are getting better and better and better."

"I just - I'm so excited about this as well. You know they sound amazing. And the songs you know it's just taken to another level. So everyone's thrilled about that."

June 2016 - Troy Luccketta Interview Quotes

"The Phil Collen track Goodness. That he wrote that is gonna be on the Mechanical Resonance record. Bonus Track. I think it's one of the best tracks we've had in a long time. It can go right to radio. It's ready. It's perfect. It sounds like Tesla and just like Train. It reminds me of like you know Train is in that equation. It's just got a great vibe. Great 70s classic rock awesome contemporary modern feel and it works man. I love it. I was listening to it and I'm going man. I'm just excited about truly what's going on."

"I'm excited to see where the possibilities are. Hoping that there's still a marketplace for you know older bands. Classic rock bands now like Tesla. That we can still maybe break out and maybe get a shot at something today on radio. I don't know if that's even possible. But I do know that we just delivered it with this track with Phil. It's there. It's ready to go. There's no question in my mind. We have that track right now ready to to go. With the new record. What's gonna happen with it?. We'll wait and see."

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