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Joe Elliott Recalls Rick Savage Being Mistaken For Joey Tempest

Thursday, 28th January 2016

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott is featured in a humorous new interview with Rolling Stone Australia.

Joe talked about Sav being mistaken for someone else, being starstruck, being thrown out of a hotel, having his lyrics quoted to him, his last fight, the last record he bought and the last thing he'd do if the world was ending.

Joe recalls the last fight he had in Copenhagen which would have been June 2008 when the band played in Denmark for a festival in Middelfart.

He also mentions David Bowie again for one of his answers.

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Rolling Stone Australia - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

His Last Fight?

"There was an incident outside a hotel in Copenhagen about eight years ago it was 6 in the morning, we were up early to get a flight, and some kids that had been at some rave walked past and one of them pulled my hair and carried on walking, and I called him out. I said, "Oi! Dickweed!" And he and his mates came back and I just palm hit his forehead so that his head would shoot back, and I think that stunned him into thinking, I'd better leave. I'm not a violent man, but I'm not having someone just pull my hair. So he got a whack. "

Sav/Joey 1980s.
Rick Savage/Joey Tempest

Being Mistaken For Someone Else?

"Never. It happened to Sav back in the Eighties at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, someone thought he was Joey Tempest from Europe. I must admit they did look a bit alike. Sav said, "I'm not Joey, I'm not, I'm just not him", and this guy wouldn't take no for an answer, he wanted Sav to sign something. So Sav went, all right, fine. He just wrote, "Fuck off, Joey Tempest"."

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