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Rick Savage Revisits Crookes Workingmen's Club In Sheffield

Wednesday, 27th January 2016

Rick Savage 2014.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage is featured in a new interview video filmed in Sheffield, England.

In December 2014 Sav visited one of the early venues played by the band in 1979 in their home city.

The Crookes Workingmen's Club, which is located on Mulehouse Road and a couple of streets away from Forres Road where Sav grew up. Joe's old house is about 5 to 10 minutes walk away on Crookes Road. Sav now lives a couple of miles away from here after moving back to Sheffield (for the second time) in the last couple of years.

During the interview he was shown a setlist - which looks to have been written out from this one - which was pieced together from the media review by Geoff Barton.

Sav's memory is a little off as this was not the 7th or 8th gig. The band had played 8 shows in 1978 and around 14 in 1979 before their first show at the venue on 5th June 1979.

Not mentioned is the fact that the first gig here was the same day that Geoff Barton and Ross Halfin met the band for the first time. Ross took his first photos of the band at the gig and shot Joe outside his home on Crookes Road and near the train station.

The interviewer (Sam Dunn) also doesn't mention the plaque outside which you see as they walk in (unveiled in October 1995).

Sav's mention of being born 5 minutes away suggesting he was born at home in Forres Road. Joe said on his radio show recently that Joe Cocker was born two minutes away from where Sav was born.

The interview is taken from a longer Rock Icons special about Joe broadcast on VH1 in the USA last year.

View the full three minute clip below.

As mentioned last year, Sav hinted at future solo work during his interview for the Classic Rock Fanpack magazine. No other details have yet emerged for what will be his first proper solo work outside of Def Leppard.

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Rick Savage Interview Quotes

"Woe. 2014, December 2014. I've not stepped in this place since 1979 I believe. It's bigger than I remember."

"Fortunately it was not as empty as this the last time I was here."

"It's now called the Crookes Social Club. Previously known as Crookes Workingmen's Club. I was actually born five minutes walk from here. It's the hub of the Community."

"We played here back in '79. I think it was like the 7th or the 8th gig we ever did. We would do gigs like this just to try and raise a few pounds to buy musical equipment."

"It was actually quite a big gig for us because me and Joe literally stone throw away - lived here. Grew up here. So that in itself created its own little pressures. It was like you're playing in your own community. Just wondering how the gig's gonna go you know. You're parents are gonna be there and their friends and our friends as well you know. I would've been 18 at the time. It holds a lot of found memories for us this place. It was one of the stepping stones for us to get to the next level."