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Phil Collen Says Def Leppard Album Has Best Fan Response Since Hysteria

Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Dallas radio and mentioned the new studio album.

Phil talked about the 2015/2016 world tour, the new Def Leppard album, fan response, his Adrenalized book, his old band Girl, Delta Deep (tour/live album), producing the Tesla album, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Nirvana and 80s hair bands.

This interview was conducted before the current Delta Deep tour started on 28th March.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview via the radio link below.

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Billy Kidd/100.3 Jack FM - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2016 Def Leppard Tour

"Well we're actually promoting the new Def Leppard album. The self-titled Def Leppard album because we released it in October and we kicked off our world tour. We done Japan, Australia, Singapore and the UK. And then that was it. So we haven't done the American dates. We done like one or two American dates promoting it so far."

"But you know we had to move our tour dates back because Joe had his throat (problems) doctors orders basically. So we're moving that back and yeah we'll be promoting the new album."

"So that's really exciting. So they'll be a whole new bunch of stuff. You know for us playing live as well. I think you know you have to be careful with that. You can't do too many new songs because the audience obviously wants to hear their favourites and stuff. So you have to walk a kind of a line of where of how many new songs you put in."

The Current Def Leppard Album

"Normally when we do an album we have a plan. A brief you know and when we was doing the stuff with Mutt Lange. You know it was always - basically like when we done Hysteria he said we don't wanna do Pyromania part 2 everyone else is making that one. Let's just open it up. Let's make it a rock version of Thriller basically. That was our guide on that one."

"With this one there was no - we thought we was going in to do a single. So we sat down. We realised we had all these songs and they were completely out of context with one another. Which normally we wouldn't have done that. But we got really excited about just doing these very diverse songs you know and everyone just brought these ideas in and everything worked. We didn't do what we normally do where it's well perhaps this one doesn't fit in with our agenda."

"We really didn't care. it wasn't you know a business decision or anything like that. It was purely artistic merit. We said these are the songs we wanna do. We got really excited about it. So that's really why it turned out like that. It was probably the purest album we've ever done."

Fan Reaction To New Album

"They love it. They absolutely love it. Honestly we haven't had this kind of love if you like since we put the Hysteria album out. You know because hands down everyone who hears it loves it. And you know it charted really high in a lot of different countries you know that we hadn't been (to) for years. Like Top 5 in Sweden and Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan. Actually US as well and England. So yeah no it's doing really well. In this day and age that's pretty amazing."

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