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def leppard songs played live 1978/1979

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A listing of all the known songs played by Def Leppard during the 1978/1979 Early Years tours.

Early Years Tours 1978/1979.

def leppard tour 1978/1979 - main songs played

Total Songs Played - 12

01 Ride Into The Sun The Def Leppard EP
02 Getcha Rocks Off The Def Leppard EP
03 The Overture The Def Leppard EP
04 Rock Brigade On Through The Night
05 Hello America On Through The Night
06 Sorrow Is A Woman On Through The Night
07 It Could Be You On Through The Night
08 Satellite On Through The Night
09 When The Walls Came Tumblin' Down On Through The Night
10 Wasted On Through The Night
11 It Don't Matter On Through The Night
12 Answer To The Master On Through The Night

Many current and future album/single tracks played from 'The Def Leppard EP', 'Wasted' single and the debut studio album which would be recorded after the tours had ended in late 1979 just outside of London.

Early Years Tours 1978/1979.

def leppard tour 1978/1979 - non-album songs

Songs Played - 8

01 Good Morning Freedom Hello America
02 World Beyond The Sky Unreleased Song/First Song Played.
03 Beyond The Temple Unreleased Song.
04 Misty Dreamer/Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday Unreleased Song.
05 Glad I'm Alive Unreleased Song.
06 (Got To) See The Lights Unreleased Song.
07 Heat Street Unreleased Song.
08 Warchild Unreleased Song.

Various rare songs played during the 1978/1979 tours. 'World Beyond The Sky' was the first song performed at the debut public concert in July 1978 in Sheffield.

'Misty Dreamer' was an original song played at their first private show in December 1977 at Portland Works Spoon Factory in front of six friends. A show featuring the initial four man line-up of Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Pete Willis and Tony Kenning.

Early Years Tours 1978/1979.

def leppard tour 1978/1979 - cover songs

Songs Played - 14

01 Doctor, Doctor By UFO.
02 Only You Can Rock Me By UFO.
03 Jailbreak By Thin Lizzy.
04 Emerald By Thin Lizzy.
05 Rosalie By Thin Lizzy.
06 The Boys Are Back In Town By Thin Lizzy.
07 Hot Blooded By Foreigner.
08 Suffragette City By David Bowie.
09 Pretty Vacant By Sex Pistols.
10 Whole Lotta Rosie By AC/DC.
11 Problem Child By AC/DC.
12 Sin City By AC/DC.
13 T.N.T. By AC/DC.
14 Powerage By AC/DC.

A number of covers songs played at early shows in 1978/1979. All songs have been mentioned by various band members in print, radio or TV interviews.

'Suffragette City' (by David Bowie) was the first song the band played together in rehearsals. Along with Thin Lizzy's 'Emerald' and 'Jailbreak' it was performed at the December 1977 private show.

Early Years Tours 1978/1979.

def leppard tour 1978/1979 - rehearsal cover songs

Songs Played - 2

01 Rock & Roll Susie By Pat Travers.
02 Cat Scratch Fever By Ted Nugent.

Two songs played in rehearsals only at the Spoon Factory. Mentioned by Joe during his weekly radio show for Planet Rock.

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