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Def Leppard 2022. Def Leppard 2022

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Phil Collen have been interviewed and talked about The Stadium Tour which starts in June.

The Stadium Tour is scheduled to start on 16th June in Atlanta, GA.

The band's first tour since 2019.

Joe and Phil spoke to Consequence's Heavy Consequence feature for a 21 minute interview promoting the Diamond Star Halos album and The Stadium Tour.

Consequence was formerly known as Consequence Of Sound.

Watch the full 21 minute interview video below.

The Stadium Tour

Phil mentioned how proud and pleased the band are to be able to play a stadium tour.

Career Motivation

Joe talked about how the band are motivated more than ever and happy about the current state of the band's career.

He also referenced the band's management change in the mid 2000s when they parted company with Q Prime.

Listen to the full interview below.

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Joe Elliott/Phil Collen - April 2022 Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

And are you both excited about The Stadium Tour upcoming and also that it's finally gonna be launch?

Phil Collen - "We've been obviously excited for like two years. It's like here we go here we go!. This is great. And it's like the biggest tour of our career and we were just about to embark on. And then it was like Ugh not so fast! 'cause it was one of those - rug getting pulled away."

Phil Collen - "So yeah we're absolutely. And we know more now than we did then. It's all about kind of, you know, increasing the weapons in your arsenal. And we actually know a lot more about performing, artistry, songwriting, everything."

Phil Collen - "So yeah this is gonna be really good. I think just the vibe of the band. Everything. you know you kind of aspire to be something else. Queen has always been an aspiration for us. And we've always used them as a blueprint."

Phil Collen - "So even like what Joe was just saying about songwriting. Queen were perfect. You know you'd have Brian May write We Will Rock You. Freddie would come in with Bohemian Rhapsody. John Deacon would write Another One Bites The Dust. And Roger Taylor Radio Ga Ga. But they're all very much Queen. And they sound very much like Queen. But they're just coming from different kind of elements and stuff."

Phil Collen - "So we're very proud and pleased we're actually getting to that stage in our career. Most bands never get anywhere near that. They break up before or they just run out of steam. We are so enthused and fired up abut everything we're doing."

Phil Collen - "Based on the creativity and the artistry part of it. The performing part's always been a no brainer for us. It's why we got in a band in the first place was to play live. So that's gonna be fascinating especially because, you know, a stadium backdrop where we get to do all this live. It's amazing."

The Stadium Tour/Band Ambition

Joe Elliott - "And the advantages as well now in 2022, over last year or the year before, is that we can play some new music. Which we wouldn't have been able to do in 2020. It would've fine because that's what the tour was set out to be like kind of. Not a greatest hits tour so much but I hate to say it, 'Trip down memory' lane, but your legacy."

Joe Elliott - "You know your back catalogue. All the songs that people wanna hear in a stadium. It's not the environment. You wanna play 12 new songs you need to be in an open mic night in a basement somewhere. You know it's not really what McCartney or The Stones or anybody with a brain would do in a stadium."

Joe Elliott - "And now we can introduce some of the new songs into this tour. Which we couldn't have done before. So in that respect it's been an advantage for us that this tour got delayed for two years."

Joe Elliott - "Obviously under the back drop of a terrible situation for the world. People dying all over the place and getting sick. But you know all we could do was to ride it out and the best thing we could do was to stay as safe as possible. And stay as remote as possible. And not waste our time which is exactly what we did."

Joe Elliott - "We didn't waste our time. We did stay safe. We stayed remote. We stayed in touch. Me and Phil spoke more in those 7, 8, 9, 10 months that we were recording this record and since. Speaking on a daily, you know, every other day basis than we did when we were in the same room."

Joe Elliott - "You know you kind of take each other for granted. You sit around just nodding and whatever. But we were just, as Phil says, it's the enthusiasm has not gone. You find a lot of our peers have given up on the idea of new music. Or they've accepted their fate."

Joe Elliott - "And we shook it up 17, 18 years ago and said this is not good enough. We've got to do something about it you know. And we find ourselves now in this fantastic position where literally the world is our oyster. It's totally up to us to not screw it up you know."

Joe Elliott - "And we've got all the tools in place. We know each other so well. We've got a great legacy collection of songs. We've got a brilliant new album. And we know how to entertain a stadium audience 'cause we've done it before."

Joe Elliott - "So I mean it's just a joy to be in that situation and it's something we're really really looking forward to."

Def Leppard 2020.

Def Leppard - 2022 North American Tour Dates

Thursday, June 16th - ATLANTA, GA @ Truist Park (formerly SunTrust Park) - (4:30pm DL)

Saturday, June 18th - MIAMI, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium - (4:30pm MC)

Sunday, June 19th - ORLANDO, FL @ Camping World Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Wednesday, June 22nd - WASHINGTON DC @ Nationals Park - (4:30pm MC)

Friday, June 24th - FLUSHING/NEW YORK, NY @ Citi Field - (4:30pm DL)

Saturday, June 25th - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Citizens Bank Park - (6:30pm MC)

Tuesday, June 28th - CHARLOTTE, NC @ Bank of America Stadium - (4:30pm MC)

Thursday, June 30th - NASHVILLE, TN @ Nissan Stadium - (4:30pm MC)

Saturday, July 2nd - JACKSONVILLE, FL @ TIAA Bank Field - (4:30pm MC)

Tuesday, July 5th - ST. LOUIS, MO @ Busch Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Friday, July 8th - CHICAGO, IL @ Wrigley Field - (4pm DL)

Sunday, July 10th - DETROIT, MI @ Comerica Park - (4pm DL)

Tuesday, July 12th - HERSHEY, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium - (4:30pm MC)

Thursday, July 14th - CLEVELAND, OH @ FirstEnergy Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Friday, July 15th - CINCINNATI, OH @ Great American Ballpark - (4:30pm MC)

Sunday, July 17th - MILWAUKEE, WI @ American Family Field (formerly Miller Park) - (4:30pm MC)

Tuesday, July 19th - KANSAS CITY, MO @ Kauffman Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Thursday, July 21st - DENVER, CO @ Coors Field - (4:30pm MC)

Friday, August 5th - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm MC)

Saturday, August 6th - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm DL)

Monday, August 8th - TORONTO, ON @ Rogers Centre - (4pm MC) - NEW

Wednesday, August 10th - BUFFALO, NY @ Highmark Stadium (formerly New Era Field) - (4:30pm DL)

Friday, August 12th - PITTSBURGH, PA @ PNC Park - (4:30pm DL)

Sunday, August 14th - MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ U.S. Bank Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Tuesday, August 16th - INDIANAPOLIS, IN @ Lucas Oil Stadium - (4pm MC) - NEW

Friday, August 19th - HOUSTON, TX @ Minute Maid Park - (4:30pm DL)

Sunday, August 21st - SAN ANTONIO, TX @ Alamodome - (4:30pm DL)

Monday, August 22nd - ARLINGTON, TX @ Globe Life Field - (4:30pm MC)

Thursday, August 25th - PHOENIX/Glendale, AZ @ State Farm Stadium - (4:30pm DL)

Saturday, August 27th - LOS ANGELES, CA @ SoFi Stadium - (4:30pm MC)

Sunday, August 28th - SAN DIEGO, CA @ Petco Park - (5pm MC)

Wednesday, August 31st - SEATTLE, WA @ T-Mobile Park - (4:30pm DL)

Friday, September 2nd - VANCOUVER, BC @ BC Place - (4pm MC) - NEW

Sunday, September 4th - EDMONTON, AB @ Commonwealth Stadium - (4pm MC) - NEW

Wednesday, September 7th - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Oracle Park - (4:30pm DL)

Friday, September 9th - LAS VEGAS, NV @ Allegiant Stadium - (4pm MC) - NEW

Show times and headliner info shown.

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Def Leppard 2022.

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