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Joe Elliott 1994. Joe Elliott 1994

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was featured on Mick Ronson's album Heaven And Hull released on this day in 1994.

The posthumous third solo album by Mick Ronson was released one year after his death from cancer (29th May 1993).

Led by the single 'Don't Look Down' which featured a duet between Joe and Mick. The single was released on CD, cassette and a 12 Inch picture disc featuring en edit of the song and the full album version.

Def Leppard had covered 'Only After Dark' for the B-Side of 'Let's Get Rocked' in early 1992 and donated the profits to help with Mick's medical bills.

Joe and Phil then performed with Mick and Ian Hunter at the Freddie Mercury Tribute show which would be his last concert appearance. 'All the Young Dudes' was included from that show.

It was reissued as part of the Beside Bowie Soundtrack album which was released on 8th June 2018. Featuring Joe's cover of Mick's 'This Is For You' which was made available to buy for the very first time.

The album featured ten tracks with new original music and reworks of older material from his career.

The project was finished off sometime between the end of the 'Adrenalize' tour in late 1993 and early 1994.

The single 'Don't Look Down' was released in the UK on 25th April 1994. A few days ahead of the 29th April Memorial show at Hammersmith Odeon in London. A show played on the first anniversary of Mick's death and the first time Joe and Phil played with The Spiders From Mars band who would go on to become The Cybernauts.

'Heaven And Hull' was then released on 9th May (UK) and 10th May (North America) featuring Joe on many tracks.

He sang duets not only with Mick, but also with Ian Hunter on the song 'Take A long Line'. And credited as a Mixer for the first time on various tracks. On 'Colour Me' he also performed backing vocals on the same song as his other hero David Bowie.

Documentary footage was shot during the making of the album showing Joe recording his vocals for 'Don't Look Down' and performing the song for the promo video in a theatre.

Watch the video EPK on YouTube featuring Joe briefly (for less than a minute).

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

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Note - The video is not available in certain countries. Joe is only featured for a small portion of it (less than a minute). It's mostly Mick and others who took part in the album talking about their involvement.

Joe Elliott 1994.

Mick Ronson Heaven And Hull - Tracklisting

  • 01 - Don't Look Down - (5:51)

Joe Elliott (co-lead vocals), Mick Ronson (co-lead vocals/guitars), Peter Noone (bass), Martin Chambers (drums). Mixed by Joe Elliott/Peter Denenberg/Frankie La Rocka. The single version was edited to 4:19.

  • 02 - Like A Rolling Stone - (4:21)
  • 03 - When the World Falls Down - (4:22)
  • 04 - Trouble With Me - (4:42)
  • 05 - Life's A River - (5:20)

John Mellencamp/Sham Morris (lead vocals), Joe Elliott (backing vocals), Mick Ronson (bass), Sham Morris (acoustic guitar), Martin Chambers (drums). Mixed by Joe Elliott/Peter Denenberg/Sham Morris/Frankie La Rocka.

  • 06 - You And Me - (3:09)
  • 07 - Colour Me - (4:57)

Joe Elliott/David Bowie (backing vocals), Mick Ronson (bass), Martin Barker (drums), Sham Morris (keyboards). Mixed by Joe Elliott/Peter Denenberg/Sham Morris/Frankie La Rocka.

  • 08 - Take A Long Line - (3:04)

Joe Elliott (co-lead vocals), Ian Hunter (co-lead vocals), Peter Kinski (bass), Martin Barker (drums), Mixed by Joe Elliott/Peter Denenberg/Frankie La Rocka.

  • 09 - Midnight Love - (3:21)
  • 10 - All the Young Dudes (Live April 1992) - (3:46)

Queen + Ian Hunter (lead vocals), Mick Ronson (guitars), David Bowie (saxophone), Joe Elliott/Phil Collen (backing vocals).

  • UK/World Release Date - 9th May 1994
  • US/CAN Release Date - 10th May 1994
  • UK Release Date - 25th April 1994 (Don't Look Down Single)

Joe Elliott 1994.

Don't Look Down - Inner Sleeve Story By Joe Elliott

Just The Facts

"Some musicians make records, period. Others make records and touch people in a very different way. Mick Ronson happily falls into the latter category. Born in Hull, "Ronno" cut his teeth in local bands, like the Rats, before being picked up by David Bowie for the 'Man Who Sold The World' album in 1970. This relationship continued for three more albums including the 'Ziggy Stardust' classic, regarded by most as Bowie's most creative and successful period. The partnership split in 1974 as Bowie went in a less rocky direction, leaving Mick to follow his more earthy roots. Two solo albums followed The Bowie-esque debut "Slaughter On tenth Avenue", which included his haunting rendition of the title track and "Play Don't Worry", his 1975 follow up which included brilliant re-works "Angel #9" (Pure Prairie League) and "The Empty Bed". After a very brief stint as the guitarist in Mott The Hoople, Mick and Mott's main man Ian Hunter quit to work together on Ian's first solo LP which included the hit "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"."

"Mick drifted in and out of the music scene popping up occasionally with the likes of Bob Dylan and John Mallencamp before hooking up with Ian Hunter again for the duo's 1990 release "Y.U.I.Orta". After the following tour, Mick Ronson started gathering material together for what was to be his third solo album. It was during this time that Mick was diagnosed as having cancer. Ever the fighter, he carried on working while being treated, enlisting the services of friends and past cohorts, such as Ian Hunter, David Bowie, John Mellecamp, Chrissie Hynde and myself. Mick finally lost his battle for life on April 29th 1993, having finished the recording of the album."

Joe Elliott 1994. Joe Elliott In Studio

"I had been the last person to work with Mick on the album. "Heaven And Hull" is Mick's most consistent work to date with a back to basics and more rocky feel. It includes a radical re-work of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" (with Bowie). "Don't Look Down" (with myself) and "Trouble With Me" (with Chrissie Hynde), "Life's A River" (with John Mellencamp), and "All The Young Dudes" (With Ian Hunter). This is not just an album for old "Ronno" fans but for a whole new generation of people who appreciate great songs, great grooves, which is a rare commodity these days. It's a shame Ronno isn't going to be around to enjoy the rewards of its success."

Joe Elliott.

Joe Elliott 1994.

Joe Elliott Thanks - By Suzi Ronson

"Special thanks to Joe Elliott who really was the man that arrived at the right moment, pulled everything together and made it all work. Can't thank you enough, Joe."

Joe Elliott 1994.

Heaven And Hull - March 1994 USA Press Release Quotes

On May 10, Epic Records will release HEAVEN AND HULL by the late Mick Ronson.

This is the album the legendary guitarist was working to complete by the time of his death from cancer on April 29, 1993.

Heaven And Hull contains ten new songs, five written or co-written by Mick Ronson, who is featured on guitar and vocals. Among the participating musicians: David Bowie (on 'Like A Rolling Stone', Joe Elliott of Def Leppard (on 'Don't Look Down' and 'Take A Long Line'), Chrissie Hynde (on 'Trouble With Me'), Ian Hunter (on 'All the Young Dudes', recorded live at the 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert), and John Mellencamp (on 'Life's A River').

Heaven And Hull, says Joe Elliott, is 'Mick's most consistent work to date...not just an album for old 'Ronno' fans but for a whole new generation of people who appreciate great songs'.

Buy 'Heaven And Hull'

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