Sunday, 25th December 2022
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 24th December 2022 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2022. The Joe Elliott Show

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show on 24th December on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by Montrose, Yes and Ian Hunter.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 24th December 2022 Playlist

  • 01 - Montrose - Matriarch
  • 02 - Classless Act - This Is For You
  • 03 - David Bowie - If You Can See Me
  • 04 - Yes - Parallels
  • 05 - Joe Cocker - Delta Lady
  • 06 - Ian Hunter - The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth
  • 07 - AC/DC - Down Payment Blues
  • 08 - Black Star Riders - Better Than Saturday Night
  • 09 - Michael Monroe - Murder The Summer Of Love
  • 10 - Deep Purple - Burn

Show Intro

"Evening all and welcome once again to The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Seasons greetings to one and all and may they last at least to the end of this particular show. Sixty minutes we've got for ya. And I'd like to say a special seasons greetings to our eagle eared listener Graham. Who rightfully pointed out last week when I introduced the last track of the show. Jump On It by Montrose that it was the first thing that Bob James sang on when he replaced Sammy Hagar. Well let's blame the mulled wine because it wasn't the first thing, it was actually probably the last thing. This is the first thing that Bob James sang on when he joined the band Montrose."


"Sadly I never got to see that band Mark's I or II play live. In fact I believe the only time they ever played the UK was when they opened for The Who at Charlton Athletic's football ground back in the I'm guessing early to mid 70s. We Leppard did have the great fortune of opening for Sammy Hagar in '79 and having Ronnie Montrose and a kind of a make-up pick-up band playing all the tracks from the first couple of Montrose albums open for us back in 2005. And that was a lesson to behold. Fantastic guitar player. As we just heard on that particular track there from the third Montrose album which is called Warner Brothers Presents. featuring Bob James on vocals. The song we heard Matriarch."

Classless Act

"Now here's a band that were what you might call the unofficial fifth act on The Stadium Tour that we did this summer with Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett. And they make a great noise. This is Classless Act."

"And before that the official unofficial fifth act if you like on The Stadium Tour this last summer. It is Classless Act. The album is Welcome To The Show. And the song that we heard featuring Justin Hawkins on co-lead vocals This Is For You."

David Bowie

"All week I've been trying to come up with a term to describe that song. And to be quite honest I'm at a bit of a loss. So I'm just gonna go with what a racket!. Um it's almost Prog Rock. And very unusual for David Bowie. It is from the 2013 album The Next Day. And let's just think about this for a second as well. 2013 Manhattan, New York City. David Bowie somehow manages to sneak out of his apartment, go to a studio and make an album. And nobody notices in this day and age with Internet and instant messaging and cameras everywhere. I find it fascinating. The song that we just heard If You Can See Me."


"Now here's a band that draws very few parallels with any of their peers. This is Yes."

"And before that Yes from that brilliant album from 1977 Going For The One with Parallels."

Joe Cocker

"Born a stones throw from Rick Savage's house in Crookes in Sheffield. That is the mighty Joe Cocker. From The Ultimate Collection. With a wonderful piece of work called Delta Lady."

"You are listening to The Joe Elliott Show on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming up, and featuring some fantastic playing by Mick Ronson, we have some classic Ian Hunter."

Ian Hunter

"And before that from his eponymously titled debut album back in 1975. Just after he quit Mott The Hoople. We heard Ian Hunter featuring some absolutely stunning guitar work by Mick Ronson. The song The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth."


"Now that just might be my favourite ever AC/DC song. And along with Live Wire it's certainly one of the greatest intros that they ever did to any of their tunes. And to boot Keith Richards favourite album. I think he likes it more than he likes the stuff he grew up with. With all the blues stuff. The Chuck Berry's and the Little Richards. And the Jerry Lee Lewis's. Can you believe Keith loving AC/DC. I can. I think it's a great thing. The album is Powerage from 1978. The song Down Payment Blues."

Black Star Riders

"Right heads up people. Next weeks show is my personal choice of the best of 2022. And sadly I couldn't get 'em all in in sixty minutes. So I'm gonna play a couple of tunes that came out this year. That I really like that didn't make next week's show. Starting off with the Black Star Riders."

"And before that Black Star Riders. God bless Ricky Warwick. One of my greatest friends of all time. And best man at my wedding actually. And featuring yours truly on backing vocals. From their latest album The Wrong Side Of Paradise. We just heard Better Than Saturday Night."

Michael Monroe

"Happy in the knowledge that the Leps and that young man will be playing some shows together next summer on those European festival situations. That young man is Michael Monroe. From his latest album I Live Too Fast To Die Young. We just heard Murder The Summer Of Love."

Show Outro

"And that my friends, from this very festive time of year, is about it for this particular show. It's been a real pleasure as always. I shall be back with you next week as mentioned with my best of 2022 round up show.

"So until then I'm gonna leave you with something that we're all a lot more familiar with. A lot more familiar. From 1974. This is Deep Purple and the title track of the album Burn. Until next week See ya!."

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