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29 Years Ago Classic JOE ELLIOTT DEF LEPPARD Tour Diary (Salt Lake City, UT 1992)

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Def Leppard played a show on the Adrenalize tour in Salt Lake City, UT on 11th September 1992 and an archive tour diary is available to read.

Joe Elliott wrote a tour diary for Kerrang! Magazine the day before the show which took place at the Delta Center.

He recalled the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards which had taken place on 9th September in Los Angeles.

This show was when the band started to use 'Let's Get Rocked' as the opening song in place of 'Stagefright'.

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Joe Elliott - 11th September 1992 Tour Diary Quote

I'm sat on the plane, en route to Salt Lake City, Utah, for our next concert, which is tomorrow night.

Well, I was right. We won bugger all!! We were in good company though, the Crowes didn't win anything either. I'm glad the Chilli Peppers won something. And Van Halen, for that matter - they've been around way longer than us, so there's hope yet!

My outfit caused an odd, strange reaction. Mostly people thought I looked like Sam Kinison! Not as fat, not as humorous, but a bit taller. God bless him!

I heard the tape earlier on today. We sounded way better than GN'R for a start! I also thought Pearl Jam sounded great, and I'm still trying to figure out if the bass player from Nirvana really hurt himself or not. Looked pretty bad/convincing to me!!

Saw Brian and Roger from Queen. Both in good form. I can't believe it's been four and-a-half months since the Freddie gig - time really does fly.

Hi! It's 12.34am [11th Sep], a couple of hours after we finished the gig in Salt Lake City. The best gig of the US tour so far. 16,000 screaming, nutty fans really made us feel at home. We changed the set around tonight. New opening number, etc Went down really well! This band just keeps getting better and better.

You've no idea how good that makes me feel, after all this time, when you consider that the Deep Purples of this world started to gradually deteriorate maybe seven or eight years into their career. Here we are nearly 12 years into ours, and we're still trying to figure out how we got a deal in the first place! This is a very big-headed/proud Joe Elliott signing off for the night! Sleep well...

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