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Def Leppard - All Songs

2015 - studio album

A listing of all songs included on the various versions of the 2015 studio album.

Def Leppard 2015.

Def Leppard - main album

Songs - 14

no.songwritten bytypetime
01 Let's Go Elliott/Savage Album Track/Single 5:01
02 Dangerous Collen/Elliott Album Track/Single 3:26
03 Man Enough Collen/Elliott Album Track/Single 3:54
04 We Belong Elliott Album Track/Single 5:06
05 Invincible Allen/Elliott Album Track 3:46
06 Sea Of Love Phil Collen Album Track 4:04
07 Energized Collen Album Track 3:23
08 All Time High Joe Elliott Album Track 4:19
09 Battle Of My Own Savage/Elliott Album Track 2:42
10 Broke 'n' Brokenhearted Collen/Elliott Album Track 3:17
11 Forever Young Collen/Elliott Album Track 2:21
12 Last Dance Rick Savage Album Track 3:09
13 Wings Of An Angel Collen/Campbell/Savage/Elliott Album Track 4:23
14 Blind Faith Collen/Campbell/Savage/Elliott Album Track 5:33

Def Leppard 2015.

Def Leppard - other versions

Songs - 6

no.songwritten bytypetime
01 We Belong (Alternative Vocal Take) Savage/Elliott UK Album Bonus Track 5:06
02 Let's Go (UK Radio Edit) Elliott/Savage UK Album Bonus Track 3:56
03 Last Dance (Demo) Rick Savage Japanese Album Bonus Track 3:09
04 Let's Go (UK Radio Edit) Elliott/Savage UK Promo CD 4:40
05 Let's Go (UK Radio Edit) Elliott/Savage UK Promo CD 4:05
06 Dangerous (UK Radio Edit) Collen/Elliott UK Promo CD 3:15

All songs and videos included over the various versions of the 'Def Leppard' album.

Tracks 1 to 14 were included on the main CD, Vinyl, Cassette and CD Fan Pack versions.

The 'We Belong (Alternative Vocal Take)' is the same as the main album version but with all lead vocals by Joe Elliott.

The 'Last Dance (Demo)' was the bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album and features lead and backing vocals by Rick Savage. Some parts of the demo remained on the final album version.

The 'Let's Go (Radio Edit)' was played on UK radio and included on the UK Classic Rock Fan Pack version of the album. Two further edits were only released on the UK Promo CD of 'Let's Go'.

View all of the individual versions of the album.


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