Saturday, 27th November 2021
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6 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Self-Titled Album (Regular UK CD Release)

Def Leppard 2015. Def Leppard 2015

Def Leppard's current self-titled studio album was released in regular CD format in the UK on this day in 2015.

The band's tenth studio album of all original material was first released on 30th October 2015 in the UK as a Classic Rock Fanpack edition.

The eagerly awaited new album, their first in seven years, was a hit with fans and critics alike having been talked about enthusiastically by the band in the months leading up to its release.

The first ever self titled 'Def Leppard' album and featuring the first song with all band members sing lead vocal lines.

All five members collaborated together in one room over three sessions and played live in studio for the first time since 1996's 'Slang'.

The album had peaked at Number 11 on the main album chart and Number 1 on the Rock chart a few weeks before the main CD release.

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Def Leppard 2015.

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