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def leppard countries played - 1979/1979

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A listing of all the countries played by Def Leppard on the 1978/1979 Early Years tours. Arranged by date/first known performance.

Countries Played 1970s.

def leppard early years tours - 1978/1979

Countries Played - 3

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
18th July 1978 England. England Sheffield @ Westfield School Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd October 1979 Wales. Wales Cardiff @ Cardiff University Setlist Audio  |  Video
27th October 1979 Scotland. Scotland Glasgow @ Apollo Theatre Setlist Audio  |  Video

The Sheffield concert was the first ever public performance by the band at a local school to the East of the city.

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They would not visit a country outside of England until 1979 when they supported Slade in Wales and AC/DC in Scotland.

The first 22 months of their touring life was spent playing only in Great Britain (England/Scotland/Wales).


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