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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Mirrorball (Live & More) (2011)

Mirrorball 2011.

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  • UK Release Date - 20th June 2011.
  • US Release Date - 7th June 2011.
  • Album Type - Live Album (+ 3 New Studio Tracks).
  • Formats - 2CD + DVD/3LP.
  • Producer - Def Leppard/Ronan McHugh.
  • Tracks 13/15 - Dick Decent (Piano/Backing Vocals).
  • CD1 Tracks 01-10/CD2 Tracks 01-09 - San Diego/Salt Lake City/Las Vegas.
  • CD1 Track 04 - Recorded in Salt Lake City, UT, USA - 25th August 2009
  • CD2 Track 08 - Recorded in Las Vegas, NV, USA - 5th September 2009
  • CD2 Tracks 10/11 - Recorded in Islington, London, England - 6th May 2008
  • Live Video Locations - Donington 2009/USA Backstage.
  • Record Labels - Bludgeon Riffola/Mailboat Records/Frontiers Records.
  • UK Chart - 44 (2nd July 2011/1 week on chart)
  • US Chart - 16 (16th June 2011/7 weeks on chart)
  • News Link - 7th June 2018 (Album Release 7th Anniversary)
  • Album Chart News (US/CAN) - 19th August 2011
  • Album Chart News (UK) - 18th July 2011

Album Notes By dltourhistory

The first official live album released by the band. The live songs were taken from recordings made over the 2008/2009 'Songs From The Sparkle Lounge' tour. The main 19 song show was recorded on the 2009 US tour with two bonus live songs taken from the 2008 club show in London. Three new studio songs written by Joe Elliott, Phil Collen and Rick Savage were included on disc two. 'Undefeated' was released digitally as the only single from the album. In Japan a different version of 'Kings Of The World' was added as an extra track on the second disc. This was a piano/vocal only version which did not include the main vocal intro on the original version.

Also included as part of the three disc package was a Bonus DVD featuring three songs shot at the 2009 Download Festival. This part of the DVD included Joe's emotional speech and introduction of Rick Allen. 'Rock! Rock!' was included from the 2009 US tour including the 'That Was Then - This Is Now' video screen intro. The two promo videos from 'Songs From The Sparkle Lounge' were also featured along with bonus backstage footage shot on the tour.

Technically the band had released a live album before this on the 2009 'Pyromania Deluxe Edition'. However, this was not a fully fledged live album on it's own. It also had parts of some songs shortened or edited out to fit on one disc. Many live B Sides/extra tracks have also been released since 1987. Scroll through the Albums and Singles. dicography pages for more information.

Album Info