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Sunday, 21st August 2022 2022

San Antonio, TX - Media Reviews

The Stadium Tour By The Rock Pit

Co-headliner Def Leppard Has been described as a machine. A band that is perfect every time you see them. I’m not suggesting for a moment that a statement like that is not completely true. But if you think about it, it’s a little bit of a backhanded compliment. Almost like oh they just show up get on stage and they’re perfect.

There’s so much more work that goes into it than that. All of the vocals that you’re hearing and it Def Leppard show is 100% completely live. They spend a lot of time before each show warming up and singing with one another before they hit the stage. The reason they are so good is because they’re so committed to what they do. I think it’s worth pointing that out, so it doesn’t get lost in all the other things that are said about the band.

By The Rck Pit 2022 - (Follow link for full review and 20 plus photos).


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