Sunday, 23rd August 2020
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 22nd August 2020 (UFO Special) Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2019. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show last night on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by UFO and Waysted with the entire show dedicated to Pete Way.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 22nd August 2020 Playlist

  • 01 - UFO - Too Hot To Handle
  • 02 - UFO - Natural Thing
  • 03 - UFO - Cherry
  • 04 - UFO - Out In The Streets (Live)
  • 05 - UFO - Only You Can Rock Me
  • 06 - UFO - Love To Love
  • 07 - UFO - Long Gone
  • 08 - Waysted - Love Loaded
  • 09 - UFO - Oh My
  • 10 - UFO - Hot 'N' Ready
  • 11 - UFO - Shoot Shoot
  • 12 - UFO - Doctor Doctor

Show Intro

"For the next sixty minutes we are gonna be paying tribute to on Mr. Peter Frederic Way. Better known to you and I as the lightning in a bottle that was Pete Way. He was a fellow Leo born the 7th August 1951. And made significant contributions to bands such as Fastway, Waysted, The Michael Schenker Group, Ozzy Osbourne. But of course, he's best known for his tenure in that magnificent band UFO. I'm Joe Elliott and this is UFO."


"I'm sure that there are many of us wishing the year 2020 was gone, over and done with so we could hit the reset button and start again. But sadly we have to just keep ploughing through. Coronavirus be damned indeed. But there's not much we can do about the grim reaper. And it's so sad that Pete's passing comes so close to that of Paul 'Tonka' Chapman's of just a couple of months ago. Meaning that the only remaining members of the lineup that made the 1979 album No Place To Run are Phil Mogg and Andy Parker. Luckily we still do have Michael Schenker around who said some fantastic words a bout Pete Way earlier this week. And it's strange that you, or maybe it's not so strange that you gravitate to people who you've maybe had an association with Pete Way with over the years. Like the remaining members of Leppard would be back and forth saying it's really sad that he's gone. Brian Wheat from Tesla. Ross Halfin who I spent with Pete Way many many happy hours in the 80s. And Steve Harris. I had a great bit of email back and forth with Steve. He was a huge UFO fand and a massive fan of Pete Way as you could tell by in the early days the black and white stripey trousers would be a bit of a giveway.",/p>

"But let's not spend the 55 minutes or so of the show focusing on the negative. Let's focus on the positive that Pete Way we all knew and loved was a great songwriter. There's a great example from the 1977 album Lights Out. The song Too Hot To Handle."


"Let's go back one year to the album Heavy Pettin'. This is wonderful. This is Natural Thing."

" And before that from 1976. the last album produced by ex- Ten Years After bass player Leo Lions. The album is No Heavy Pettin'. The song Natural Thing."


"The opening flourish of bass notes on that particular song and the drive of the bass all the way through the song shows the obvious contribution that Pete Way made to that particular song. it is from the 1978 album Obsession. It is Cherry."


"Pete Way was a very melodic bass player. He was a very melodic writer. He could come up with some very cool simplistic chords sequences. That allowed the likes of Michael Sckenker and Paul Chapman to really shine. he along with the rest of the band were really good song arrangers. Here's a great example of a brilliant arrangement. This is the live version from Strangers In The Night of the song Out In The Streets."

"And before that from arguably one of the greatest live albums of all time Strangers In The Night. Fantastic version of the song Out In The Streets."


"Well in my eyes it was a hit. it was their first song to ever crack the Top 40 singles chart in the UK and I do believe they even did Top Of The Pops. From the 1978 album Obsession. That is Only You Can Rock Me."

"You are listening to a Pete Way special this week on The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. It is time for a little break, and when we come back, more UFO and more."


"And before that you just can't deny it can you. From the 1977 album Lights Out it is the beautiful ballad Love To Love."


"I gotta say that string arrangement on the end of that particular song is outstanding. It really set UFO apart from all the wannabes that were UFO soundalikes at the time. It's a fantastic piece of work. It is from the album The Wild The Willing And The Innocent. It is a song called Long Gone."


"As I mentioned at the top of the show. Pete also made some significant contributions to the likes of Fastway, Ozzy Osbourne and the Michael Schenker Group. On this next song he features on drums Def Leppard E.P. drummer Mr. Frank Noon. Listen out for the big snare intro. This is Waysted ."

"And before that from an album that came out in 1992 called Vices. It is Waysted. Which featured Frank Noon on the drums. And my god I remember when Frank played me this. We were living ion a house together in Isleworth. And I said to him Frank that's the loudest drum sound I have ever heard.And that was Pete. the bigger the better. the band Waysted. The song Love Loaded ."


"From the first UFO album I ever heard. the 1974 album Phenomenon. That is Oh My."


"Right back to the Obsession album one more time. For possibly the best intro to a rock song ever recorded."

"And before that yes it really is one of the greatest intros to a rock song ever recorded. 1978's Obsession album. The song Hot 'n' Ready."


".For as long as I can remember, and I saw them many many times, that was always a fantastic encore song. There the original version from the 1975 album Force It is Shoot Shoot."

Show Outro

"You have been listening to a Pete Way special this week on The Joe Elliott Show. Right here on the mighty Planet Rock. And that my friends is about it. We'll be back to more of a regular show next week. Unless, well let's not go there."

"Let's end this show the way we should with some classic UFO. Yes I was very tempted to play Rock Bottom. But I think this one just about edges it out. And I'm gonna play the live version from Strangers In the Night. This is Doctor. Doctor. Rest in peace Pete Way. See you on the other side. Hopefully not any time soon."

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