Friday, 1st November 2019
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JOE ELLIOTT On DEF LEPPARD's Fun Sin City Residency Shows

Def Leppard 2019. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Kansas City media about the Down 'n' Outz with full audio available.

Joe spoke to the Music Mania Podcast to promote the new Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album.

Joe talked about being busy, the Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album, outside projects, Down 'n' Outz Band History/Formation, Sin City Residency and Current Success/Popularity.

Joe commented on the recent Las Vegas Residency shows.

The interviewer mentions Joe says the band will be on the road again in Spring/Summer 2020 but that part is not heard. He just mentions it himself after Joe says goodbye.

And once again at 15:30 mins in you hear a voice which must be Joe's daughter Lyla in the background. And again at around 19:30 when she almost interrupts him.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview below.

The final show of 2019 takes place tomorrow night in Sacramento, CA at Toyota Amphitheatre.

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Music Mania Podcast - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

2019/Being Busy

"It's bery busy. Leppard's year is kind of winding down. We've got this show on Saturday. Sacramento and then we're done until next year. But the Down 'n' Outz album came out like a week ago. So, you know, it's non stop. Just keep jumping from one vehicle to another."

Sin City Residency

"It was great fun, you know, I mean 'cause it takes you out of the norm. You know for 40 odd years you're forever like tour/album, tour/album, tour/album and it just know it becomes...that's what it is. And in fairness the music industry has kind of, it's moved on a little bit since then because the routine of tour/album, tour/album sort of kind of went away over the last 15, 20 years. People don't really buy music much so people don't make as many records."

"Touring has become way more important. And so, you know, you're forever on the road and you're in a different city every night. To be able to go to Vegas and do, you know, pretty much vastly different songs than what we'd normally play on a tour. You know we didn't have a new album to promote so we could really deep into the catalogue. And change it up every night and play a different set every night."

"And pull out some stuff that nobody was expecting us to play. Things like Die Hard The Hunter for example, you know. And it was just a, it was a joy to be able to do that and such a vibe to actually be able to, you know, sleep in the same bed for a month and still be playing shows you know."

"That was something that we kind of really dug when we did it in 2013. And to be able to go back there and do it on a much bigger stage than we did back then when we did VIVA! Hysteria. And this time it was more a case of just like not just concentrating on one record. But concentrating on the legacy that we've got which is the entire catalogue and digging so deep you know. The only album we didn't really touch was the first album but we played pretty much something off every record. Including two or three songs that we'd never played live ever."

"So that was really exciting for us to be able to do that and it was an environment which you could do that in. It wouldn't be something that you could really take on the road I don't think. It wouldn't work as well."

Current Success/Popularity

"Yeah it's a blessing to be able to do this. You know the logic of it says that there aren't that many bands that are in a position to be able to sustain like we have. You know we look at people like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac and solo artists like Paul McCartney you know or bands like The Rolling Stones. These are the people that you kinda. You know you're kinda inspired to kind of follow or coat tail if you like you know."

"We're just blessed that we're able to do this. I think the fact that we had such a strong catalogue of hits in the 80s you know. Two albums that went platinum ten times over so they were like Diamond albums you know. And other albums that sold by the millions and all that kind of stuff. We got such a lucky situation that we're in - sorry got a child here going crazy. Um we've got such a luck situation that we're in to be able to do that you know. So I think that there wasn't many bands in the 80s that really had that catalogue. There's a handful of us that have sustained and still get airplay these days that match a lot of the kind of legendary 70s bands. You've got bands like Skynyrd and Zeppelin and The Beatles and The Stones from before the 80s that still get played everyday."

"But in the 80s it started to change after video. And I think there's a dozen or so you know. We remember the videos as much as we remember the songs. With ZZ Top or Duran Duran. Or us, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue. You know Depeche Mode. Iron Maiden. There aren't really that many and we're in a very kind of a lucky situation where the sustain...we have managed to sustain that success because of the history of the band."

Def Leppard 2019.

Def Leppard - New Tour Date 2019

The first show in this city since 4th October 2018. 7th time at this venue.

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