Friday, 22nd November 2019
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JOE ELLIOTT Says DOWN 'N' OUTZ Would Play Only 10 To 12 Shows In 2020

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed about the third Down 'n' Outz studio album with full audio available.

Joe spoke to The Chad Taylor Show on 95KGGO radio to promote the new Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album.

Joe talked about the 2018 Journey tour, future Def Leppard stadium/arena tours, Band Energy, Two Diamond Albums, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album, Boys Don't Cry, 2020 Down 'n' Outz Tour and PSSOM.

Joe says that the Down 'n' Outz would only play around 10 to 12 shows in 2020 "if" they do get the chance to tour which is still unlikely.

Listen to the full 17 minute interview below.

Joe's (soon to be famous) daughter once again gets in on the action and can be heard in the background. From just after 1 minute onwards.

Down n Outz 2019.

The Chad Taylor Show - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll Album

"This is the third Down 'n' Outz album. It's the first one that we've written or I wrote all the songs save for one cover."

Boys Don't Cry

"That was the last track write on the album. The sound of the album was a little unbalanced. It didn't was just like one rocker short you know. And I just picked up a guitar. And it was the only song other than This Is How We Roll the title track that I wrote on a guitar. The rest of them were written with guitar in mind, there was always gonna be two or three guitarists playing on it."

"But they were written, like say Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting by Elton John is essentially a guitar song. But obviously it's Elton John so there's gonna be piano involved. But yeah Boy's Don't Cry is pretty much a...I think I was scratching my inner Pete Townshend when I threw that one together."

"And you know he came in as part of the theme of this album quite a lot. I wanted it to have a thread. I wanted it to have's not a concept record, but I wanted it to have a thread the same way that like Tommy or Quadrophenia had threads. And that when you put it on you could listen to it as a whole."

"And so I even was thinking for the first time in decades how it would sit on vinyl. So that the split came at a certain spot. And that you end Side One with the big kind of heart rendering ballad Last Man Standing and Side Two kicks off with the crazy vaudeville instrumental called Music Box. So, you know, it would make more sense if there was a mini break before you hit those two songs together."

"You lose that factor on CD or listening to it online. But you know it's just the way that the album is and it's a very 70s record. So to have that headspace to do that. And especially with vinyl now pretty much outselling CDs anyway. It seems retro's cool again. You know and with bands like Greta Van Fleet and The Struts who are scratching their inner Zeppelin and Queens as well. It all seems to have just fallen into place."

2020 Down 'n' Outz Tour?

"I'd love to I'll be honest with you, but it's very unlikely that we're gonna get to do many. 2020 being what it is, well life being what it is...and Def Leppard of course. Very very busy and trying to get those four different bands on time off. At all exactly the same time is finding difficult to do."

"As was making the album. That's why the album as you said at the top of the interview was the best part of five years in the making because I could only snag those guys for a few days here, a few days there. And we would record what we can and then we'd have to mothball the whole thing. And then two months, three months, four months later I would pull maybe two or three of them into my studio in Dublin and we'd record for three or four days and get a bit more done you know."

"And it worked out quite well doing it that way. The song were all done so there was no issue there all we had to do was play them. And it just meant that I could live with them a little longer than normal and if there was anything that I wasn't happy with. We could readdress that down the road. Where I'm sure other artists have felt the same way but they've had to maybe kind of just suck that one up because by the time they've thought of it it's already in the shops."

"So the fact that it did take a little longer than normal actually benefited the record and it's so much a 70s record. But it would have made no difference really whether it came out last year or it came out next year. it's not really gonna change the way that the album is. But the timing of the record coming now for me is great because it's more important that anybody hears the album than we worry about whether we tour or not."

"Even if we did the tour we'd what maybe play 10, 12 shows. that's, you know, 5 or 600 cities around the world that don't get to see us. But if we make videos, we get the songs on radio they are there and they're there for the rest of eternity. You know should anybody wanna choose to listen to them."

"So I think it's more important that we made a great record than it is about worrying when we'll be able to get to play it live. But don't get me wrong, we really do wanna do some live shows at some stage."

Down n Outz 2019.

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