Friday, 22nd November 2019
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17 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD's X/TEN Tour In YOKOHAMA, Japan (Video)

Def Leppard 2002. Screenshot

Def Leppard played an X/Ten tour show in Yokohama, Japan on 22nd November 2002 and rare footage is available.

The show took place at Kanagawa Bay Hall and was filmed for broadcast by local TV.

Two songs - 'Ring Of Fire' and 'Now' plus the 'Disintegrate Intro' were featured during Joe Elliott's appearance on Masa Ito's Rock City.

It is believed video of the whole show exists although the full version has yet to surface.

At least two other songs have been online including 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)'.

'Action' was also filmed by the same camera crew and with the same "Rock City" logo on screen. It had been on YouTube as of November 2017 but has since been deleted.

More songs were possibly broadcast during a different edition of this show.

The footage of 'Ring Of Fire' is still the only time it was professionally recorded or filmed outside of the band's own audio archives.

This was the band's first visit to Yokohama since October 1999 on the Euphoria tour when they actually played a longer show of 22 songs compared to the 21 played in 2002.

Joe and Phil had played the same venue with Cybernauts in January 2001 with footage also featured on Masa Ito's TV show.

Def Leppard 2002. Screenshot

Joe Elliott On The Japanese X/Ten Tour - November 2002 Interview Quotes

"Fantastic. Absolutely beautiful. We started off in Sendai. And then for the first time ever we went to Kanazawa. And then Nagoya, Osaka and then Yokohama. And then three nights in Tokyo. The crowds have been great. I think they've also got, they're aware of now. Internet, rumour, talking, telephone, that we're doing a different set every night. And some nights we're opening up with side one of 'High 'n' Dry'. And other nights we're opening up with like 'Ring Of Fire'. We're doing, we've got you know in the pool of songs at least one song from every album. So you know it's different each night. And I think that's good for the band for the audience."

"It is but I think you know Def Leppard, we wanna come across as a rock band. Not a heavy metal band, but as a rock band. And you know it'd be very easy for us to open with 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)' because we've done it so many times or 'Stagefight'. But we wanted to do something that had the same impact but was new. Or at least we've never done if before. So in actual fact Sendai is the first time ever we played 'Ring Of Fire'. So the first time we ever did it was actually in Japan which I think is nice. But it is it's totally hardcore but it's a great fast number and it gets the crowd going and then we keep it up with two more songs where it's just bang, bang, bang. It gets the energy level going."

"They, it's funny, even in Sendai, the first night I was really surprised. I sing a lot with my eyes closed but when we do the new material my eyes are open. Anybody walking out?. You know and 'You're So Beautiful' went down like an old song. You know it went down the same as 'Animal' and 'Photograph' almost. It was amazing. 'Long Long Way To Go', they listen to the song. They stand there while we perform it like this. And then when it finishes they cheer and clap."

"And also 'Now' because they've seen the video no doubt. They join in on that one. And 'Four Letter Word' as well. And 'Four Letter Word' in. When we end 'Four Letter Word' the cheer I think for the last three shows has been louder each time. It's been as loud or even louder than for things like ''Pour Some Sugar On Me'. It's amazing. It's very flattering and it's hard to understand how these songs have become so popular so quickly. But I think what it is, is they just enjoy the band's performance and they're cheering all the songs. There's not really a dip ."

Watch all the footage from the show on this YouTube Playlist including a video of the full show.

Def Leppard 2002 Yokohama Fan Videos.

Fan photos and reviews from any past tour can be submitted - Here

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