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31 Years Ago Def Leppard's UK HYSTERIA Tour Starts In Bournemouth

Def Leppard 1988. Def Leppard 1988

Def Leppard started their UK Hysteria tour in Bournemouth, England on 10th April 1988 and an archive media review is available to read.

The show took place at the Bournemouth International Centre.

They were supported by Loverboy after Poison had pulled out of the tour only a few weeks before.

A 16 song setlist was played which included 'Tear It Down'. The only known time this song was played on this second UK leg.

This was the second time the band had played in Bournemouth.

The first show dated all the way back to February 1980 on the UK warm-up tour prior to the release on 'On Through The Night'.

The Town Hall venue was played on 26th February 1980 with Witchfynde in support.

Read an archive UK media review which contracts the performance with those on the first UK Hysteria tour of August/September 1987.

Kerrang! - Concert Review Quotes

Seven months on and the difference is astounding. I didn't know what to fully expect, the stage seemed huge, all three sides (no, they didn't attempt to go on in the round) cloaked with 'Hysteria' curtains which suddenly and quite unexpectedly fell to the floor as the band struck up those beefy intro chords to 'Stagefright': a golden oldie.

Exposed, the band used the expansive stage set, bare and uninterrupted except for strategically placed catwalks, like chimps in a cage. I mean, they must have covered around 20 miles apiece during the first number.

Def Leppard 1988. Bournemouth Ticket

Rick Savage, looking as always like the archetypal British rocker with cut-up T-shirt and more hair than Dolly Parton, moved and grooved swinging his huge bass in the face of Steve Clark and Phil Collen pulling out the best in both.

Up front as ever, the totally unflappable gob of Joe Elliott this time moving like he wasn't strapped to an orthopaedic bed. Looking streamlined, healthy and fit, Joe's stage craft has reached the point of perfection, all he has to do for a reaction is to point a digit at any section of the audience and they go utterly bananas.

But the best thing is that he doesn't use this power like a total w**ker - he's as genuine as the hair on my palm. Real people, real music, real good fun.

The audience of course, loved every second of the entire performance, lending them solid commitment and tremendous support. They went nuts for the older material, stuff like 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)', 'Die Hard The Hunter', 'Too Late For Love' and, during the latter half of the show, for such classics as 'Foolin'', 'Let It Go' and 'Rock Of Ages'.

Read the full review via the show page.

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