Wednesday, 16th May 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT Says DEF LEPPARD To Work On Next Album After 2018 Tour

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by New York radio and mentioned the next studio album.

Joe was speaking to James Dinh for the iHeart radio Tour Book feature at their headquarters in New York earlier this year.

Joe talked about touring again with Journey, live sound, Def Leppard's first public live show in (July) 1978, The Def Leppard E.P., lack of unreleased material, Down 'n' Outz, Delta Deep, last In Line and a new Def Leppard studio album.

He sayd the next studio album will be worked on more after the 2018 tour has ended.

BTW when Joe says there isn't a lot of unreleased material...that isn't strictly true. See upcoming new "Songs" section for details.

Read the full interview via the link and view some new promo photos.

Visit the Album News section for more news on new music (based on band member quotes).

iHeart Radio Tour Book - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Next Def Leppard Studio Album

"We're all doing side things that we're working on. When this tour's done and we've got a bit of downtime, we'll probably have all collected, individually written bits and bobs for what will be the next Def Leppard record. We share them with each other and go "Oh. Alright. What would happen if we do this with that one and blah, blah, blah" and all of sudden we'll have every bit of half an album written."

Def Leppard's First Show In 1978

"A friend of ours hastily arranged this gig at a school, which when I think back now, it was in June, so school was probably shut down. I don't know how they got it out but they did. I remember lots about it. We were very nervous so we took the bass drum out of the bass drum case and filled the bass drum case up with beer to smuggle it in and had a few cans before we went on. Then we went on stage and Steve threw this fantastic pose, did the windmill for the opening chord and forgot to turn the amp on. So complete silence."

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