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Def Leppard 1996. Screenshot

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage were interviewed by French TV in 1996 and the video is available.

Joe and Sav spoke about the album as it was being completed to French TV station MCM.

The location was most likely Bow Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland where the album was finished in February 1996.

They are shown in the control room of the studio and talk about finishing up work on the record and how different an album it was for them to make.

Phil is also shown at home in Laguna Beach playing acoustic guitar including a snippet of ZZ Top's 'Jesus Just Left Chicago' (with vocals).

Watch the full video below as posted on YouTube by Arhiva mea.

MCM 1996 - Joe Elliott/Rick Savage Interview Quotes

Recording The Slang Album

Joe - "We've never really done a record in such a basic way. just using these machines which, if you could spin your camera round. These things here called ADATs. And they're basically, they're just like video machines. I mean they take VHS tape and each of these is an 8-track recorder. So you link them all up together with these digital leads at the back and you've got. That's a 32-track recording machine. Smaller than a washing machine."

"These things they fit in a little box and they transport easily and you can relocate them anywhere you like. We could take those into the middle of the street and go and record an album."

Slang Album Lyrics

Joe - "The lyrics are a little bit more listenable and even to the point where we'll probably print them on the album sleeve because there's something to actually maybe a little bit more worthwhile than what we've done in the past. And you tend to want to get the point of them over so it's more of a, not so much a narration, but at least singing in a register that is something where you can hear the voice. Not just the sound of the singer. You can actually hear what he's doing you know. So I'm doing nothing that Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers has not done in the past or not even Meatloaf for what it's worth. You just sing it in a non high register."

Sav - "I think also there was definitely a tendency on this record to put more meaning into the lyrics. In the past we've always said that it's great when you have the meaning, but we've always used words because of their, how they actually sound. And that's been equally as important in the past. I think on this record we've put more emphasis on the actual meaning."

Album White Board

Sav - "This is what we've been working with for the past six months. And what we do is we have all the song titles up here and there's little things to remind us what we still have to do. And fortunately it's getting a little bare now which means that we've basically finished."

Slang Album Title

Sav - "It's basic and Slang becomes a word of the street."

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