Monday, 2nd April 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says Work On Next DEF LEPPARD Album Ongoing

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed in February and mentioned the next studio album.

Phil spoke to Gary Graff of the For Guitar Players Only website.

Phil talked about the G3 tour, his guitar playing, playing in DL/Delta Deep, Blues guitar players, Def Leppard's digital/streaming deal, the next studio album, Pyromania's 35th anniversary and the band's success.

He mentioned work on the next studio album was ongoing.

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For Guitar Players Only - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Next Def Leppard Studio Album

"When people say: “Any new Def Leppard stuff?” Yeah, we’ve got some new stuff, but it has to be on the back burner, ’cause we’re kind of promoting the whole catalog now. I work on stuff all the time, and so do the other guys. It’s a constant flow, and then it’s just a matter of actually recording them. I like to do things in bits and pieces, the way we approached the Def Leppard album or the Sparkle Lounge album; you’re not working at this big glut where you have to finish all this music, it’s just ongoing and constantly inspired. Then the album is a jigsaw puzzle; you’ve got this song and the pieces just present themselves and fit together, and it’s very interesting."

Def Leppard Digital/Streaming Deal

"We didn’t want to get ripped off. The industry expected us to just roll over and put it out basically for free, or a small amount. We weren’t going to budge, but we agreed on something and it sounded great and we shook hands and there you go. We basically have 12 albums to promote — again. It’s totally exciting, the fact we can finally bring that to people in a different format.”

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar