Monday, 20th November 2017
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Def Leppard 2016. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed recently by New York radio and the full audio is available.

Vivian spoke to Rob Rush of 94.3 The Shark radio in New York.

He was promoting the Last In Line show which took place on 4th November in Wantagh, NY at Mulcahy's.

Vivian talked about Last In Line, their 2017 tour, Def Leppard South American tour, Hysteria/Adrenalize anniversaries/live audiences, DIO/Sweet Savage, Last In Line history, Heavy Crown album, Jimmy Bain, second album, soundchecks/Meet And Greets, Def Leppard's 2018 tour, his health, keeping busy/touring and Long Island audiences.

Vivian again referred to Def Leppard's "big, big" touring year in 2018 without going into many details.

He also mentioned Last In Line's recent September recording session in California where they completed five songs and says are due to finish the album soon.

Rick Allen mentioned the 2018 tour would feature at least 60 shows during an 11th November TV interview. Possibly referring to the North American leg only.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Rob Rush Radio - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

25 Years In Def Leppard/Can you believe it?

"I know yeah, yeah. It's been a while. It's been a lifetime actually. But it's been a good lifetime you know. The band's still doing great. We just got back from South America. We were down in Brazil and Argentina and Chile and a few shows in Mexico. And it was just, it was nuts you know. I mean almost half the audience were young enough to be our kids you know. So it's encouraging ."

Hysteria/Adrenalize Anniversaries/Audiences

"Yeah it's been an interesting ride with Leppard you know 'cause 25 years ago on the Adrenalize tour it was the beginning of the Grunge movement in America. And kind of you know we had a bit of a hard time. And certainly by the mid 90s it was a tough environment for us to go out and ply our trade and then by the end of the 90s. By the early 2000s you know we started noticing that the tide was turning and it's continued to do so. Like I say, I mean all over the world wherever we played our audience is multi generational now. So it's really, it's really nice to see that. You know to know that you're audience is growing and that younger kids are getting turned on to Classic Rock."

Last In Line Second Album

"And we are actually about halfway through the new album. We just cut five songs in September and we'll be going in in the next few weeks to finish up the rest of the record. And it's really, really - young know, it shows great growth. To my ears at least with the band. I mean it's really an exciting time for us."

Def Leppard 2018 Touring/Last In Line

"Oh no 2018's gonna be a big, big year for Def Leppard. We're gonna be touring a lot next year so. And when I'm not with Def Leppard, I'll be with Last In Line. So keeping busy you know."

His Health

"Yeah you know I just was at the hospital yesterday, I had another infusion. I have to take one about once a month. And you know it's routine for me at this stage, maintenance. I've been very, very lucky. I'm doing Immunotherapy now. I tried chemo several times and it failed. I did a Stem Cell transplant and that didn't work. So I've been really lucky. This Immunotherapy keeps everything in check for me and my doctors are happy enough to let me continue my life and my work as normal as long as I can get back to LA once a month and get juiced up."

Keeping Busy/Touring

"Well I actually really enjoy it. My work is very much cathartic to me you know. If I weren't able to work then I would have a serious problem you know. But I find it actually gives me a reason to keep going you know."

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