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Phil Collen On New Rick Savage Song/2018 Def Leppard Music/Tour

Friday, 24th March 2017

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed yesterday by Charlotte radio and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to Arroe Collins of WRFX 99.7 radio in Charlotte, NC on 23rd March.

Phil talked about the 2017 North American tour, producing the Tesla album, Delta Deep, musical inspiration, playing festivals, sightseeing on tour, Live From Detroit DVD, new songs, 2018 world tour, musical collaborations and Mutt Lange.

Phil mentioned a new Sav song, 2018 touring and that the band start tour rehearsals on the 4th April.

Phil mentioned new music earlier this month and again in February when he said there will "definitely" be at least a new song out in 2018.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below.

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Arroe Collins - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2017 North American Tour

"I keep mentioning to people. What really kind of thrills me is I'm saying it's a celebration of integrity. Like all three bands have got original members or more or less you know. Poison is the same four guys. Tesla it's the same five guys except for one. And us you know it's the classic line-up. And with Vivian as well that was down to Steve passing away. So yeah it's like real bands out there doing it you know. And that doesn't happen so much any more. A lot of the time it's like one original member or something. So yeah I'm saying that we're celebrating integrity."

And There Will Be A Next Time Phrase/2018 Tour/New Music

"Yeah, I mean we actually really mean that. You know when he says that it's actually hundred percent. It's not like just a shtick or anything. We are, we're back you know dates keep coming in."

"We're gonna be out next year as well. Again starting on some new music. Rick Savage sent me a great idea for a song. So we're actually you know in that process as well. So it's a, it's really exciting. Yeah I would never have believed that I'd be doing this, at this level. You know you actually get - the more you do it, the better you get. I'm a better singer than I was last year. A better player than I was last year."

Live From Detroit DVD/Tour Rehearsals

"Absolutely. That's the idea behind it. Actually I was just playing along to it this morning. It's great to rehearse along to it. You know you can see all the stuff. Where you're making mistakes. Yeah it's just a great cut down on rehearsals. We're gonna kick off in Boston. Actually on the 4th I think. We head out there to do some rehearsing and stuff for the first show on the 8th. Yeah so it's a great way to rehearse without actually taking out all this gear and going down to a studio. So that's a good way of doing it and yeah it kind of represents us in such a great way."

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