Thursday, 23rd February 2017
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Phil Collen On Tesla Album And How Def Leppard Stay Together

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Nevada radio on 15th February and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to DJs Mike And Carla for The KKLZ Morning Show on 96.3 KKLZ radio in Las Vegas, NV.

Phil talked about producing Tesla, 2017 North American tour, loud audiences, early 80s image and how the band have stayed together.

Listen to the full 3 minute interview (highlights) via the radio link below.

Phil was promoting the 17th June show in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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Mike And Carla/The KKLZ Morning Show - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Producing The Tesla Album

"I'm actually up in Sacramento because I'm doing the new Tesla album. That's where the guys live."

2017 North American Tour/How do the bands get along?

"Wonderful you know we've known Tesla for 30 years. I basically live with the band you know because I'm staying at Brian Wheat's house and have been on and off for the last year. We've been touring on and off over the last year. They were the first to play on the In The Round-In Your Face. That kind of setup when we played in the round. They were the first band to use that stage because you know they were the opening act so they got to play on it before we did."

Loud Audiences

"Actually the really amazing audiences you can hear through your monitors you know you can actually tell. And consistently over the last 30 years Montreal and Mexico City have been the loudest audiences."

Band Staying Together

"I think the big difference is we've never actually split up or called it a day and reformed. We've actually always had integrity and I think that that audiences kind of know that. They known that it's real. It's not like us splitting up and reforming or falling out and going away for a while. We've actually constantly been working at it you know even when it's been not great. There were some times during the early 90s where it kind of sucked for us."

"And you know through thick and thin and I think that that at the end of the day you know the fact that we have these great records and the fact that we have this belief in ourselves. You know people can recognise that and share that with us. There's a lot of things. I think that says a lot about the strength of the band."

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