Thursday, 2nd February 2017
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Joe Elliott On Celebrating David Bowie/Young Def Leppard Fans

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by California radio last week and the full audio is available.

Joe spoke to DJ's Andy And Gina of The Sound 100.3 radio in Los Angeles, CA.

Joe talked about David Bowie, Celebrating David Bowie Los Angeles concerts, his history of being a Bowie fan, the Cybernauts, Mick Ronson, Live From Detroit DVD, 2017 North American tour, younger fans and a ticket giveaway.

Joe was speaking the day before his two nights stint at Celebrating David Bowie which took place on 24th/25th January at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles.

Listen to the full 4 minute interview below.

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Andy And Gina In The Morning - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Celebrating David Bowie Concerts

"It's amazing actually, I've gotta say I can't take any credit for this other than receiving a phone call from my pal Earl Slick saying: 'Man I need you up on the stage for a couple of songs'. So I said hey you know I've been a fan of Bowie since 1972 when I first saw him do Starman on Top Of The Pops in the UK. And I was bought in and sold on him ever since for 40 years."

"The truth is I'd rather not be there. I'd rather he was still alive, doing it and we were not even celebrating him. But he's gone and I think that this is a great thing to do because it's nothing to do with me, and it's making some money for a charity that he was tied in with which is a fantastic thing. But you know if you do take the schoolboy, take him to one side and say you're going on stage with Mike Garson and Earl Slick and those people. Gail Ann Dorsey and I'm going yeah, this is pretty cool. That's a nice box to tick you know."

Cybernauts/Mick Ronson

"Yeah well I was really tight with Mick, Mick Ronson became a good friend of mine before he passed away. We're both from Yorkshire in England so you know. People have said the same thing to me like, I didn't expect you to be a Bowie fan and I say if you look through the history of my recording career. I've actually recorded 28 David Bowie songs."

"Def Leppard have done Rebel, Rebel. We've done Drive-In Saturday, Ziggy Stardust. We've done Space Oddity. We've done - you know it's just endless."

So this isn't anything new to you?

"Yeah. I'll be honest with you people probably don't understand this but I'm way more comfortable with the Bowie stuff than say I would be doing Zeppelin or Sabbath. Or anything that people sort of think they associate Def Leppard with."

New Generation Of Fans

"It is. You know that's the thing. You often find that when you interview people like me, that we're always clamouring to get in as quickly as possible; 'Come on there's all these new young kids coming to the gigs' to like justify your existence. And I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I don't have to force that issue. It's really, truly happening with us. We get kids 17, 18 years old that are disillusioned with their own generation of music and they're going back. And they're going back beyond us."

"They're going back to The Kinks and the Stones and the Beatles and The Small Faces and Humble Pie and they're catching us on the way past if you know what I mean. And we get these kids coming and going this is so much better than what I'm supposed to like and you know it's astonishing. I mean I don't know whether this has happened to previous generations of bands ten years before us, but it is, it's astonishing."

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