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Vivian Campbell Says Def Leppard Will Continue To Make Albums

Saturday, 22nd October 2016

Vivian Campbell 2016.
Pic By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by a UK based Rock website and mentioned new music.

Vivian was interviewed ahead of the Last In Line US/UK/European tour for the Talk Is Jericho podcast.

Vivian talked about recording the Holy Diver album with DIO, working with Vinny Appice/Jimmy Bain, joining DIO, the history of Last In Line, recording the Heavy Crown album, Jimmy Bain's death, the other members and their 2016 tour plus the 2015 Def Leppard album and future music plans.

He says that Def Leppard will make more albums and repeats his news that Last In Line will also make a second album.

Visit the Album News section. For more news on new music (based on band member quotes) dating back to January 2011.

Rock Today - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Def Leppard Studio Album

"The Leppard record has been well received, like really, really well received. I always said from the get-go, and it's been echoed by a lot of publications who have reviewed the record, I do actually think this is the best Leppard studio album since Hysteria. It really is a very strong record and is so typically Def Leppard so much across the board. Ironically it's the one I've had the least to do with, for various reasons, mostly relating to my health and having to deal with it. I wasn't so involved in the creating of that record. Obviously I played and sang on it but in my 25 years of being a member of Def Leppard this is the one album I contributed least to."

New Def Leppard Music

"It really makes us feel good about the future and really makes us want to continue to make records. I think that's an important thing for a band like Def Leppard, even though the majority of people coming to see Def Leppard aren't interested in new music."

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