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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard Discuss The Adrenalize Album/Tour In Italy 1992 (Video)

Friday, 14th October 2016

Def Leppard 1992.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard played a club show in Milan, Italy in May 1992 and made a number of TV appearances which are available to view.

The show took place at the Rolling Stone club on 25th May 1992 during the 13-Day Club tour of Europe which served as a warm-up for the main 'Adrenalize' world tour.

Before the show the band appeared on both radio and TV shows to promote the newly released 'Adrenalize' album and current single 'Let's Get Rocked'.

Lep fan Bille, who posted many rare TV shows during 2015, has uploaded some new rare footage from Italian TV.

It also includes an extra one of Joe from 1987. Joe is shown in the same room where he was photographed holding up the new 'Hysteria' vinyl album which was used on this Making Of Special posted in August.

This appearance probably dates from July/August 1987 when the band were doing a European promo tour ahead of the world tour.

All five band members are interviewed in the longest clip which lasts for 22 minutes from the Superclassico show. Broadcast live on 25th May 1992 by the Video Music channel who later broadcast the Milan 1993 show.

They talked about the new album, the single releases, the MLLAM video, using technology in the studio/live, early days in Sheffield, live phone questions from viewers, the Adrenalize tour/staging, Vivian joining the band, what they think of Pearl Jam/Nirvana and how they met.

The TV host translates their answers for the local viewers.

Adrenalize Album - 25th May 1992 Interview Quotes

Why do you take so long?/Due to problems?

Phil Collen - "A bit of everything. We have a certain idea of how it should sound and we carry on working until it sounds like that. It's not a good thing to just release anything straight away. I think that quality's better than quantity."

More Singles From The Album?

Phil Collen - "Yeah we're gonna do that as well. We've actually, we've still gotta write some more songs for the B Sides and that. But we'll just keep releasing singles as long as people wanna hear them really. We've done like two videos so far [LGR/MLLAM]. We're gonna do a third and a fourth pretty soon."

Def Leppard 1992.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Make Love Like A Man Video

Rick Savage - "It's basically a bit of fun. That's all it is. That's all we wanted the video to be. It's just the five of us on a day off having a bit of a laugh really. That's all the song's meant to be. It's just meant to be very tongue in cheek and very funny. And that's what we wanted the video to be."

Not Hi-tech?

Rick Savage - "Not really, no. We wanted to get away from, do something slightly different to Let's Get Rocked."

Carrying On After Steve Clark's Death?

Joe Elliott - "It would've been a real cowardly thing to actually just quit. We were halfway through the album when it happened. Not so much on what you hear but just on the time factor. We'd been working for a long time on working on the record and just to stop there and then would've been silly. You know we really believed that the songs were good. And you know just more than anything else. Just as a tribute to Steve, his life and his work, just to carry on seemed like the normal thing to do."

"We didn't really wanna stop anyway. We still think we're - we still regard ourselves as like a young-ish band. We've only done five records. So we've not peaked by any means."

How much of Steve On Adrenalize/Six guitar solos?

Phil Collen - "No. I played all the guitars. Steve was involved in the writing of the songs. So he's there in spirit definitely you know. Part of them songs are a part of him. So that's how he's involved in it."

Rick Savage - "Which is, it's another reason why we wanted to carry on as Phil was saying because Steve contributed a lot to this record in the writing of the record. To just end it all just didn't seem right you know. We wanted to as a tribute to Steve to carry on."

The Adrenalize World Tour staging?

Joe Elliott - "Well in Britain we are and Australia and American and Canada. Yeah we're going In The Round again. It's a different stage to the last tour. And hopefully if we can come back to Europe in 1993. If the band's popular enough to play big halls, arenas. Then yeah we'll play In The Round here as well. It's very, it's very kind of dependent on the building. It's a very heavy, you have to hang everything from the roof. If the roof's not strong, then you can't do it. So it's very dependent on the building as well."

Joining Def Leppard/The right man? A fan of the band?

Vivian Campbell - "Yes to both. Yeah I was a fan and I thought I was the right guy."

Playing live with the band?

Vivian Campbell - "Yeah I saw them twice on the last tour. Once In The Round and once at a regular set up. And I thought they were using tapes."

May 1992 Metropolis

The Metropolis interview was also taped on 25th May and has them wearing the same clothes as the Superclassico show.

It shows them arriving via helicopter and lasts for 5 minutes with Joe, Rick and Phil all interviewed about their history and the new album with an Italian translator talking over them plus a couple of videos clips used.

Note - The footage of them getting out of the helicopter was used at 2:46 minutes into the 'Action' promo video (in black and white).

Another show from RAI TV shot on the same day features Phil and Vivian on stage at the Rolling Stone club before their show. Phil and Rick are shown at a local radio station in the first half of the 5 minute video before the segment on stage.

Watch the four TV interview specials on this YouTube Playlist

Def Leppard 1992 Milan, Itay Fan Videos.

Fan photos and reviews from any past tour can be submitted - Here

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