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Phil Collen Talks About Joe Elliott's Voice Issues And Recovery

Friday, 4th March 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by New York radio and mentioned Joe's voice and the 2016 tour.

Phil talked about the Adrenalized book, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, Joe's voice issues/Delta Deep, the rescheduled shows in May, Tesla, the West Coast Live Delta Deep album, playing new Def Leppard songs live and Delta Deep touring.

Phil also mentions working with Tesla and his guest appearance in 1987. This actually happened in May 1987 in Amsterdam along with Steve Clark.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

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Jackie Donovan - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise

"Yeah I usually don't get put off by stuff but I don't really have the urge to go on a ship any more. You know it's like yeah wow that was - plus we were confined to quarters kind of all the time. The ship couldn't dock because the weather was bad and Jimmy Bain unfortunately passed away. And everyone had to deal with that. Vivian especially."

"And yeah Joe's voice went out. There was some cool parts about it. Me and Debbi Blackwell-Cook done a Delta Deep performance which was great. And Frank Hannon from Tesla came up and played acoustic guitar with us. So that was nice - because it was 30 years. Pretty much to the month when we played together on stage in Amsterdam. When I first got up and played with Tesla years ago. So that was kind of cool but yeah everything else. It kind of put me off of the whole ship experience. The cruise thing."

Joe Elliott's Voice Issues/Keeping Him Quiet

"That's the thing you know. But he has been quiet. I haven't even spoken to him. I've been emailing him. But he says he's doing great. really the doctor basically said look. Stop and everything's gonna be great. If you just give it a rest. Give it a rest for five weeks. Don't sing. He said you can speak but don't sing for five weeks you should be good to go. So that was it really and we - you know they saw his vocal cords. And they just needed a rest. That was it really. It's just unfortunate just getting sick on top of being sick. He's alright now though."

Producing The Tesla Album/Touring Together/Delta Deep

"Oh they're great. Yeah we love them. They're great you know we love hanging with them. I'm actually producing their new album as well. We've already started. So we're gonna do it in - in the gaps you know in between Def Leppard/Tesla tours and Delta Deep tours. We've got a new Delta Deep album coming out in the summer. West Coast Live, it's called."

"We've already started. We've got like three songs on the go for the Tesla album actually. And a track on their new album that's coming out this summer as well. So yeah we're busy. It is like non stop."

"When I say gaps I mean between eating lunch and soundcheck. Those kind of gaps."

Playing New Songs Live/A Different Vibe?

"There is at first because people. No matter if they've heard it a million times, they won't accept it. They're actually scrutinising. It's pretty weird. They don't - or they just listen. I'm not really sure but I know when the Stones do it. Or when Keith Richards sings a song, everyone goes out and buys a T-Shirt or a beer. So it's a very interesting thing and I think they just - it has to kind of integrate."

"So I think Let's Go, we've integrated that one and even with Dangerous we've actually been playing that one live. Last year we was playing it in Australia and Japan, England and stuff. So I think when - those two will be integrated but there's some other new ones we wanna put in. You know we don't really wanna do more than three because that's probably too much. It kind of takes away from - we've got so many songs that we have to choose from. So it's a constant balancing act. You know what's gonna go, what you can sneak in and get away with. It's very interesting."

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