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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
28 Years Ago Def Leppard Cause Mass Hysteria In Montreal (Video)

Sunday, 12th June 2016

Def Leppard 1988.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard played a show in Montreal, QC on 12th June 1988 during the Hysteria tour and the full show video is available.

The show took place at The Forum (or in French Canadian speak 'Le Forum').

The second time the band had visited Montreal after the first show in June 1983 on the Pyromania tour.

After the previous nights show in Toronto, ON, where the stage was placed at one end in an outdoor venue, this show was back to the classic In The Round stage.

The full fan shot video of the concert is filmed from one side of the arena and slightly to the right of one side of the stage. The middle spine of the stage was placed sideways on in arenas.

This footage highlights the amazing performances on this tour by Steve Clark who is in full flow and showing why he was dubbed 'white lightning'. As seen in the photo below he gets some major air during a jump in the middle of 'Don't Shoot Shotgun'.

As you will see for some reason Steve was not introduced before his solo which he started right after the ending of 'Hysteria'.

The main highlight of the video (and the whole Hysteria tour) of course is the double shot of 'Gods Of War' and the magnificent 'Die Hard The Hunter'.

Joe Elliott - Pre-Women Speech

"Yeeeaaah!. Bon Soir Montreal. Comment ca va?. For the benefit of the English speaking people amongst us. How the fuck are ya?. It's hot up here. It's gonna be a hot one!. Are you ready for it?. Are you ready for some rock and roll?. Are you ready for some mass hysteria?. It sounds to me like we just got one thing missing."

Joe Elliott - Hysteria Intro

"Thank you. Or Merci Beaucoup."

Joe Elliott - Pre-BOTH Speech

"Thank you very much. Whoo. How are ya Montreal?. Tell me. How do you like the stage?. Well we wanted to do it a little bit differently on this tour. So we thought fuck it let's put it in the middle. So here we are. Okay while it's nice and quiet let's keep it that way for a few minutes shall we. We're gonna play you one of our earlier songs. We're gonna do it a brand new way for ya. And I'm gonna introduce a couple of the guys on this one alright. On his Gibson twin neck 18 string razor. Mr. Steve Steamin' Clark. And on the acoustic guitar Mr. Phillip Flamenco Collen. I hope you like it. It goes something like this."

Joe Elliott - Animal Intro

"Thank you very much. Or Merci Beaucoup. And I want. And I need, And I lust. Animal!."

Joe Elliott - Pre-PSSOM Speech

"It's been five years since we last played here. Five years. Five years too long!. I just want everybody to know. It's really fucking great to be back here. This is our fifth Canadian show on the tour. And no bullshit right. No bullshit. It's definitely the loudest crowd we've had so far. So it really looks like things are picking up because there was a time of course. Not so very long ago. That this band was kind of hovering on the brink a little bit. It could have gone either way you know. A lot of things happened to us. And we had a few ups and we had a few downs. But I think I can honestly say that the biggest up we ever had was the return of this chap here. His name is Rick Allen. We call him The Thundergod!. So Montreal. We need your helping hands on this one. We want to see everybody with their hands way, way,way up above their heads. Here we go."

Joe Elliott - Phil Collen Guitar Solo

"Ladies and gentleman. Loud and proud from London town. Mr. Phil Collen on the electric guitar!."

Joe Elliott - Rock Of Ages Intro

"Thank you. And now four little words that mean so much."

Joe Elliott - Photograph Intro

"Thank you. Right, not so very long ago there was a lady by the name of Norma Jean. She became and model and an actress and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and in 1983 we wrote a song about her. And it goes like this!."

Joe Elliott - End Speech

"Once again Montreal thanks for having us. Until next time. And there will be a next time. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Goodnight!."

View the full show on this YouTube playlist.

Def Leppard 1988 Videos.

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