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Joe Elliott Says Vivian Campbell Is Winning His Health Battle

Friday, 12th August 2016

Joe Elliott 2016.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Raleigh radio yesterday and gave an update on Vivian's health.

Joe talked about fan stories, REO Speedwagon, the 2016 tour and Vivian Campbell's health situation.

Joe says Vivian's is doing very well.

Listen to and download the full 3 minute interview below.

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100.7 WRDU/Adam 12 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Vivian Campbell's Current Health

"Well, I spoke to him the other day and you know every time we have a break he's goes back to top up his situation. You know he goes to see the doctors to see how things are going. And I said to him the other day. I said how is it and he said it's getting better all the time."

"So you know it's something that it's an ongoing battle with him but he's dealing with it and it does seem to be that this new treatment that he's on seems to be working. In the fact that it's shrinking the tumours and all that kind of stuff."

"I mean I look at him everyday and he doesn't look ill. You know what I mean. So it's kind of a very difficult one. You know it's not physical in the sense of like he's somebody that's got a broken arm or there's a big gash in their arm and you can see it. With what Viv's got, and other similar diseases, you can't see it. Signs of it would be attitude or you know just not looking healthy or just feeling sorry for yourself or whatever. And he does neither of those things."

"So you know he just gets up there and plays with a smile on his face and he seems to be winning the battle."

Touring With REO Speedwagon

"The atmosphere's really actually very calm. This is our second time of touring with REO. And you know the backstage banter in the corridors is always very humorous. There's none of this back biting nonsense. We don't tour with bands like that. We like to think that we cherry pick who we work with and I think also it becomes obvious. It works from the top down."

"If you behave a certain way, like in a bad way, then you know if your crew do which normally reflects in the other bands and stuff like that. With us it's like full respect to anybody we play with. They get all the lights and sound that they want. We don't turn them down. We've never done that kind of thing because we're not afraid to play with anybody."

"You've got to have that mentality when you go out there. So it's just all good banter. You know whether it be Beer that you've just discovered or somebody's new haircut. Or somebody has decided to dye their hair green and you go 'Okay....'. You know I mean it's just dead easy going which makes for a fun night because this is nothing but entertainment. That's what we're here for is to take people out of the kind of bad stuff for a couple of hours and just let their hair down."

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