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33 Years Ago Def Leppard Release Foolin' Single In The USA

Thursday, 18th August 2016

Foolin' 1983.

Def Leppard released their classic Foolin' single 33 years ago on this day in 1983 in the USA.

Released on 18th August 1983, 'Foolin'' was the third and final single from the album in North America.

The Pyromania album had been released there on 20th January.

It climbed up to Number Two on 14th May after 15 weeks on the Billboard chart.

Foolin' went on to peak at Number 28 and spent 14 weeks on the Hot 100 chart.

Photograph reached Number 12 in May with Rock Of Ages following it as the second Top 20 hit when it got to Number 16 on 13th August.

The promo video was filmed at a small theatre in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The single was released in late September in Canada and came with the custom sleeve design shown above. The US release did not have a picture sleeve.

Read some quotes about this song.

Def Leppard Foolin' - 2005 Band Quotes

Phil Collen

"The first thing that springs to mind is the video. And we made some really naff ones. I may blush a bit but I don't get embarrassed about the hair or clothes. I have really good memories of playing guitar with Steve in the video."

Rick Allen

"I once met Billy Idol in his dressing room and he said. 'Aren't you the guy that does that song F-F-F-Fooling?' He was taking the piss. But you could say that it hit home with fans and other musicians."

Joe Elliott

"It wasn't on the original British Edition of 'Vault'. But it was a huge, huge song for us in the States. The UK just wasn't ready for us back in 1983. But it was certainly a key 'Pyromania' moment."

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