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Saturday, 6th June 2015

Tampere, Finland - Media Reviews

Def Leppard charmed Finland By Mikko Räsänen | Original

Def Leppard testified South Park headlined the festival that the band is still hard live condition.

Def Leppard amount of years hit the 80's and early 90's. However, the last weekend of Radio City South Park festival on the main stage was seen that even if the musicians in the band are all already in the 50th birthday celebrated, is the band still live a fantastic opportunity to strike.

By Radio City 2015 - Translated.

Radio City South Park increased visitor base by collecting more than 11 000 visitors over the weekend By Petri Spark | Original

Held this weekend in Tampere Radio City South Park Festival brought, attracted a large margin. Organized for the second time the event gathered over the weekend more than 11 000 festival visitors in South Park. The promoter Timo Isomäki is very pleased with the festival, which will be held again next year:

This is a great start! Negotiations on next year's artists are already hard running. We go through visitor surveys and public opinion taken into account in next summer's programming, Isomäki commented.

South Park festival weekend culminated on Saturday night of the festival keynote, an English hard rock legend, Def spectacular the show Leppard, in addition to Saturday blades were considered a German Helloween, the Swedish Eclipse, domestic Amorphis, Ranger, Reckless Love, Santa Cruz, Free Spirit, Loudguns, Grim plays some Motörhead, and the festival presenter of the wild-Speedy and Saku.

On Friday, Radio City South Park appeared in the 90's large popularity reached the American Extreme, German Metal pioneers Accept and Masterplan both domestic Stratovarius, Reinforced concrete, Stargazery, All Rise and homeless. The festival food village Kasari food supply praised by visitors, which in addition to the artists nimmarointisessiot gained great popularity among the public.

Radio City South Park will be held again next year. The event was organized by the South Park Tampere Oy and event partner is Radio City.

By Mesta 2015 - Translated.


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