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Delta Deep To Release Christmas Song/New Lep Album Talk

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Springfield radio and mentioned a new song by Delta Deep.

Phil talked about a new Delta Deep Christmas song, the new 2016 tour dates, the new self titled Def Leppard studio album and his new autobiography book Adrenalized.

Phil started by mentioning that Delta Deep will release a new single in early November.

The song "may" be titled "Take Me Home For Christmas" - a song which they registered recently. Written by Phil, his wife and singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook.

Listen to the full 8 minute interview via the link below.

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The 3rd String Morning Show - Phil Collen Interview Quote

Delta Deep Christmas Song

"Actually we've got a new - Delta Deep's got a new single coming out in the first week of November as well. A Christmas song. Yeah a Christmas song and that'll be out as well so just to add another thing to what's out there."

New Def Leppard Album

"What was great with this record, it was the first time ever that we actually wasn't even asked to make an album. Just an EP or a single. Just to keep us relevant, and within two days we realised we twelve songs that we really wanted to record. And again you know we didn't have an - we usually give ourselves a brief. We go OK this album should sound this way. But with this one there was none of that at all. Each song sounded its own way. It was kind of - it became its own muse. Everything about it was just very different. So we approached it differently."

"Actually me and Joe Elliott wrote the fastest Def Leppard song we've ever had. You know a ten minute. We wrote a song in ten minutes. That was great. That was Broke 'n' Brokenhearted. You know it came out like really quick and has that feel about it. So a lot of things on this record were first time for us. You know it reminded me of the Stones going into Muscle Shoals studios and just recording two songs in two days. Brown Sugar and Wild Horses. And that was kind of like we kind of felt that we had that kind of spirit going for this album. To treat as song as its own project if you like. And we broke it up into three sections. We played in January I think 2014. Went on tour. Played another session and then went on tour with KISS, came back and done some more. It really was a great way of working I've gotta say."