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Vivian Campbell/Last In Line Album Heavy Crown Due 19th February 2016

Thursday, 5th November 2015

Vivian Campbell 2015.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell and his side project last In Line will release their new album in February 2016.

The album featuring the original DIO band members and new singer Andrew Freeman will release the album 'Heavy Crown' in early 2016.

They will debut material from it live on the Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise.

Vivian mentioned this in a radio interview with KX92 where he also talked about his health - repeating what he said in another interview, enjoying playing live, the new studio album, the 2016 touring, Last In Line (19th February release date), Whitesnake, Lou Gramm/Shadow King, his 'Two Sides Of If' album, Billy Gibbons, Delta Deep and the 2016 Hysteria cruise.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview via the show link below.

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KX92/Michael Right - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

The New 2015 Def Leppard Studio Album

"Yeah I actually - you know the record was recorded in three different instalments of about four, five or six weeks each over the course of a year in Dublin. So I was there for the first and the last session. I missed the whole of the middle part. Which to be honest is probably where most of the hard work was done."

"It's a strange situation for me because I've been with the band for close to 24 years and I believe that this is the best record the band has made in that time span. But ironically it's the one I've had the least to do with. So I think the universe was trying to tell me something there. But anyway the important thing is it's a great, great record and it covers a lot of different areas stylistically. But yet it all sounds like Def Leppard which is why we've just you know took the easy route and just called it Def Leppard." "It's 14 tracks. It's a pretty deep album like I said it goes to a lot of different musical styles. Even the closing track on the album is a psychedelic track which is something we've never done before but yet it does sound unmistakeably Def Leppard. You know there's some very classic Def Leppard sounding songs on there like Let's Go the first single and Dangerous which is also classic Def Leppard."

We Belong

"There's a great song that Joe wrote called We Belong where we all - each of us takes turn singing the lead vocal in the verses. Which is a first for Def Leppard you know. So that was a nice little thing for us to try."

"Yeah it's just a fun game for people to try and determine who's singing what line. But yeah the first and second verses in the song it's myself and Sav and Rick Allen and you know it's just all of us taking turns and Phil and what not so it's interesting."

Phil Says best album since Hysteria?

"Um like I said - I don't know if I would go that far! but I'd say this is definitely the best record we've done in the last two decades or more yeah."

Last In Line Album Title/Release Date

"We have a new album coming out. So that drops on February 19th. So I'm literally rolling straight out of the Def Leppard tour in February into doing dates with that band."

"We're calling it Last In Line after the second album we did with Ronnie. So the band's called Last In Line and then the album's called Heavy Crown and it's coming February 19th."

"So I will be - in the month that Def Leppard is not touring next year I will be on tour with Last In Line and I'm really, really excited about that."