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Joe Elliott Plays New Delta Deep Song Bang The Lid - Listen

Saturday, 2nd May 2015

Delta Deep 2015.
Delta Deep 2015

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott played a new song by Phil Collen's band Delta Deep tonight on his Planet Rock radio show.

The Delta Deep song titled 'Bang The Lid' from their upcoming debut album was played for the very first time.

You can listen to this song for the next 7 days on the Planet Rock website (available after 7pm/UK Only). The show is also repeated on Tuesday at 9pm.

The song is played at the end of the show after Starz and was recently previewed by the band as part of their album announcement.

The self-titled debut album Delta Deep is released on 23rd June.

The album will feature Joe on guest vocals (on a 70's cover song) alongside David Coverdale and members of Manraze.

The Joe Elliott Show - 2nd May 2015 Quote

"But as promised at the top of the show a world exclusive for ya. Brand new Phil Collen music from his other side band, because he has Manraze and occasionally the Cybernauts, this is a band called Delta Deep from their debut album which is gonna be out pretty soon. World exclusive first ever play anywhere in the world of the song Bang The Lid. Enjoy and until next week see ya!."