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Phil Collen On New Album/All Band Member Lead Vocal Song

Thursday, 14th May 2015

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Phil Collen April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed recently by Music Enthusiast Mag and commented on the 2015 studio album.

Phil talked about the 2015 studio album, Delta Deep, his guitars, Steve Brown filling in for Vivian in 2014, Vivian's health and the band's longevity.

Phil commented on the song where each band member sings a line each on the verses. Joe also recently talked about this song.

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Music Enthusiast Mag - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Finishing The Album/Release

"Actually we were doing some the other day in Montreal, just some finishing touches and stuff. It's got to be mixed and mastered and all that stuff, so it'll probably come out when we finish the U.S. tour. It's such a long tour anyway, so it'll come out while we're on tour somewhere."

"There's an excitement and there something with integrity and real about doing that. I think that's what happened with the Def Leppard album, and nothing's ever happened like that in thirty-something years."

All Five Members Lead Vocal Song

"It's actually just on one song, we take a verse each. We have a couple lines and a verse each. It was actually Joe's idea. He said, "Everyone sings in the band, it would be great if we tried this." So we tried it and it actually sounds great, but there wasn't some big deal. It was just an idea Joe had and we tried it, just like everything we've done on this record. We've tried this and it's worked. There hasn't been any pressure or people going, "Oh, you should have done this" or anything like that. It's all been very free flowing, including listening, as well."