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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Robert Deleo Talks About Joining Delta Deep/Phil Collen

Wednesday, 29th July 2015

Phil Collen 2013.
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Stone Temple Pilots bassist and songwriter Robert Deleo spoke to Indiepower! last month and talked about joining Phil Collen's band Delta Deep.

Robert talked about his musical tastes/influences, Stone Temple Pilots, joining Delta Deep and working on their debut album.

Robert was interviewed backstage before the first Delta Deep show on 17th June in Los Angeles.

Watch the full 12 minute video interview via the link below.

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Indiepower! - Robert Deleo Interview Quotes

Joining The Band/Meeting Phil Collen

"There was a mutual friend who was a journalist [Chris Epting], who I talked to and made really good friends with right off the bat and Phil is friends with him also. And from what happened I guess this gentleman suggested that Phil give me a call. The great thing about this project is the people. You know everyone's really great people. I love Phil. he's about as real as it gets."

He's totally grounded after this many years in the business

"Yeah. It's nice to see. Yeah he basically gave me the premise of what was going on and sent some songs over and you know I was in. I enjoy playing R 'n' B bass and that's kind of where it all started for me listening to Motown when I was little you know."

Recording The Album/Did Phil Give You Direction?

"No, absolutely. He had some great bass lines. Yeah he had some great bass lines for the stuff that I just kinda played as best I could man. He came in with some great bass lines and great riffs and you know that's great. I just played it as best I could."

Which of these songs resonate with you?

"I think all of them do. I think the first one I put down was Down In the Delta. A more harder type song and you know I think getting a chance to play with Forrest is that we just kind of rhythmically bonded. It's just like I said the people that we're doing this with. That's really what's great about it and hearing Debbi and Phil. You know Phil's got such a great vocal as well as being a great guitar player."

"Yeah this is fun. Well you hear his voice and then you realise. You know you hear that Def Leppard sound, that back vocal sound. You know it's like, oh man. Yeah it's amazing man. Amazing yeah."

"I think Phil would have a better explanation of these songs but you know all these songs like you said they all kind of resonate with me and each one has it's own..."