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Joe Elliott Talks About New 14 Song Def Leppard Album

Thursday, 23rd July 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Village Voice and talked about the new self titled studio album.

Joe talked about the band's trademark sound, New York's music scene, the new DEF LEPPARD studio album, working with Ronan McHugh, Mutt Lange and continuing as a band.

Once again 14 tracks are mentioned for the final album. First talked about by Phil Collen in February.

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Village Voice - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

They have a new record due later this year. And while he won't reveal song titles

"We're from that generation where we still think the element of surprise is important"

He will talk somewhat cryptically about the fourteen-song record. The album will be called, quite simply, Def Leppard.

"If people don't know who we are by now, they never will. It does sum up what we are, who we are at this point in our career," says Elliott. "It's got echoes of everything we've done and echoes of everything we've ever listened to."