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Friday, 28th May 2015

Cologne, Germany - Media Reviews

Def Leppard, rich and impressive Hard Rock Entertainment By Helmut Lowe | Original

Def Leppard, melodic hard rockers from England, gave one of their rare concerts in Germany Cologne Palladium. And offered a whopping 100 minutes and strong musical entertainment.

Def Leppard one can be described as a kind of rock solid. A rock of continuity in the rough and stormy surf of Lake of the rock business, which bands and zoom in again hinfortspĆ¼lt which musicians ascend and can perish. Because the British are nonstop active since 1977, have carried out in the almost 40 years hardly changes in the band line. For 23 years already - a lot longer than many other successful band exists at all - play Def Leppard in its present composition. And why? Vivian Campbell knows the answer: "We have a common Ego We always go as a band together in the race and know that the success of Def Leppard's songs alone is owed as a band only and not the individual members.." No extra trips so that have influence on the band, the guitarist made in an interview with koeln.de clear.

In Germany, however make Def Leppard, who celebrate huge successes in the United States and give tours escalating, after her breakthrough with the albums "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" in the 80's rather rare. There is such a concert tour like 2015 with a three appearances in major halls, not on the agenda. However, a godsend for old hard rock fans, which can begin with such melodic and rough rock sounds like "Rock of Ages", "Let's Get Rocked" or the US market-Stadium rockers and ballads "Pour Some Sugar On Me" or "Love Bites" some , And that builds on the experience of Def Leppard: "The German public has a musical claim: it expects the band also live exactly matches what she shows on her albums We pride ourselves to be live just as well as on disk.. And without any technical assistance or even support from the band, "says Campbell leaned out the window.

Not taken his mouth too full.

And what can you say? Campbell has really not made in full before the tour in an interview his mouth. Because what the guys around singer Joe Elliot served to about 3,000 fans in the Cologne Palladium, was best rock entertainment. Sophisticated stage show, elaborate lighting and video presentation, almost perfect sound - that was really exceptional for a hard rock band. Since it is a as concertgoers then almost no matter how it is very chart and mainstream-heavy songs the band as music lovers to some. It has clearly seen and heard that Def Leppard Live gathered their experience in the US concert market over the years. There just is not enough, just nice to make music, because the overall picture of the concert has to be right. That has it in palladium indeed.

During the Bass Rick Savage and the drums of Rick Allen, the impact shield could vibrate violently, was higher than the rich rhythm the good guitar work and Phil Collen Campbells. Visually it was enormously impressed by three LED walls, either individually or have been recorded in the ensemble with visual effects, motion picture scenes and musicians close-ups. Sometimes a little too vigorously. As it was in between beautiful that during the song "Hysteria" scenes from the band's history gave rise to sentimental feelings in many viewers. Hardly surprising that something like this to the public and a special applause was equal time value. The 100 minutes Def Leppard concert at the Palladium could be confidently described as a rich concert entertainment of hard rock - the sat!

By Koeln 2015 - Translated.

DEF LEPPARD: Palladium - Cologne By Taker5962 | Original

DEF LEPPARD is currently touring Europe with the BLACK STAR RIDERS, and even proponents do not deign to offer us the pleasure of seeing them on stage, Sleaze This City expat is to bring you the desired crispness that will make you dream.

That was about 15 years I want to see DEF LEPPARD concerts. Their coming in the corner, are rare mega, I have just had the opportunity to see the festival there are 7 years at Graspop Metal Meeting, where all the conditions were met for this concert to be a fiasco (bad time 45 minutes pass, play mealtime group not at all suitable for festivals, no light show, amorphous Belgian public, among others ...) So when the news of a mini German tour tomb, and that I see a date on Cologne, neither one, nor two, seats are purchased, although really, it's not a good plan at the time of the year, the opportunity was too rare for the impasse.

After a tumultuous path (again, it seems that all of Belgium is in the works) and caps on Cologne same, we enter feverishly in the room about 18:30, after several minutes of expectations. The Palladium is a room located in a kind of disused industrial zone, having absolutely no relation to the type of music that will be played tonight. However, the public has shifted 4,000 people are expected, and vintage t shirts, bandanas, ripped jeans, white sneakers and other zebra pants are the game.

After being well placed, side Vivian Campbell, in the first 5 rows, the BLACK STAR RIDERS, part of choice, go up on stage to 20h battery. The atmosphere is already good, the group knows what he does, and offers a set list super nice. They start with a strong enough Bound For Glory series (which tube) and Jailbreak! Super atmosphere! After a Kingdom Of The Lost (tube well), the singer announced that they have a surprise, and invites Vivian Campbell to play The Rocker, after the first album of THIN LIZZY! After that, some compositions of the two albums BSR come to fill the set list, including the excellent Finest Hour. Not forgetting the classic THIN LIZZY that are Boys Are Back In Town (great atmosphere) and the masterful Whisky In The Jar to conclude this beautiful set. Excellent performance, impressive power, and above all a crazy class. Pleasantly surprised, and I hope to meet them again soon in the corner!

After only 15 minutes of respite, the intro of DEF LEPPARD resonates in the room (Will not Get Fooled Again the WHO)! The atmosphere goes up, and now the guys from Sheffield arrive, happy to return to Germany (their last German tour dating back to 2003 and the last passage in 2006 - only one festival date -)! What energy, what joy, what a sound, and damn they are there !!! Must say that it starts with a bang with Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) and Animal two fucking classic! The Light Show is wonderful, Joe Elliot's voice as often, and will be throughout the concert. Sav 'a very happy, Collen plays its role shreeder bodybuilder while timidly, Vivian Campbell seems crunch the life to the fullest! A beatific smile throughout the show, he plays with the audience, sing, enjoy ... Really touching, well done guy!

The rest of the set list is qu'enchaƮnement tubes: Let It Go (well, that's rare, and REALLY cool) Foolin ', Love Bites, Armageddon It ... Two titles are dusted Euphoria, namely Promises and Paper Sun, composed two excellent (although I wish I had the brilliant Demolition Man). Only misstep (in my opinion), Rock On, resumption of DAVID ESSEX. I know it's a little Savage's moment of glory which plays an important role in this piece, but really, it pumps the atmosphere. Nevermind, Joe arrives with his acoustic guitar and starts the moment emotion: Two Steps Behind! I can not tell you the emotion at that time. I see the movie, I see myself listening to this kid loop ... And what about the songs that follow: Bringin 'On The Heartbreak, Switch 625 (best instrumental Hard of history), and especially Hysteria where photos / then videos are broadcast on the screens. GREAT MOMENT OF EMOTION!

The end is coming, Joe advances "I Got a Question for you ... Cologne Do You Wanna Get Rocked!" It sends the wood, like Pour Some Sugar On Me, who finished the main set of the best of ways.

Reminders, classical, Rock Of Ages and Photograph, eventually completing an audience that spring with the banana! I expected to show a relatively cold, calibrated, and well it was not. Certainly, there is no room for improvisation, but the guys are happy to be there (special mention to Viv and Joe!) And for their journey, the galleys, the successes, the priceless heritage that 'they left, much more than most bands of this time ... We can say, yes DEF LEPPARD was great! DEF LEPPARD is great! DEF LEPPARD will always be great! Hoping not wait 10 to 15 years to see you ...

By Sleaze This City 2015 - Translated.

Hard rock institution Def Leppard They let it rip By Bernd Schuknecht | Original

As a patch with the acute yellow letters the band logo of Def Leppard was on the robes of many hard rock fans obligation had survived there many years. The band had, however, made rather rare, 2008 was published with "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge" the last album.

In Cologne Palladium, the British hard rock institution announced during her extensive three concerts Germany a concert tour and inspired some 3,000 remained faithful fans with a surprisingly vital appearance.

The quintet, which met in Sheffield in 1977, makes the concert opener exciting. As a tribute to The Who first heard the classic "Will not Get Fooled Again" before then "Disintegrate", so to speak, as a second intro, the voltage curve can continue to rise upwards. Then Def Leppard come on stage and leave it with "Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)" and the proven mixture of crunching guitar riffs and catchy hooks only once a big bang.

With "Let It Rock, Let It Roll, Let It Go" is frontman Joe Elliott before the rock musical thrust for the following 90 minutes. Their heyday was Def Leppard between 1981 and 1992. tragedies like the car accident of drummer Rick Allen, in which he lost his left arm and has since then carried his driving job at a special drum set, or early drug-related death of guitarist Steve Clark put the band Although to, but never out of action. If "Hysteria", title song of the album of the same name, or "Pour Some Sugar Over Me" are intoned, reigns jubilation mood among fans.

They're celebrating because old familiar Even after nearly 40 years lost none of its original vitality.

By General Anzeiger 2015 - Translated.


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