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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen Gives 2015 Studio Album/World Tour Update - Audio

Wednesday, 15th October 2014

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed earlier this week by Chris Epting on Web talk radio and he talked about 2015 album/world tour plans.

Phil talked about the Summer Tour 2014 tour with KISS, how the bands got on/playing with KISS, the upcoming casino shows, Vivian's health, the 2015 studio album, the 2015 world tour and his wife Helen also talks about her concert photography.

The Music Backstage, Onstage host Chris Epting is also helping Phil to write his autobiography which is due out in 2015

Listen to and download the full 28 minute podcast via the link below.

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2015 World Tour/Album

"And then after that we're actually mid way through the Def Leppard album. So we've got a lot of it finished actually already. So Joe's gotta do some bits and then it's mixing. I've got solos and backing vocals. So it's stuff like that. Sav's got the odd bass track to do. But we're pretty much there we've got 15 songs on the go which is great. And then that'll come out next year and we'll do a world tour which is - we're already getting that into place. So it's a - I don't know where we're gonna go."

"I think what was really good is we didn't have a record label saying well you've gotta do this because we actually went in to - cause I do believe that the era of the album is dead and we wouldn't do in there - because it usually costs more to make an album than you can actually get back off of it. Unless you go in there very quickly and that and we don't do that. We've done this one really relatively fast I've gotta say. But it's just not cost effective unless you're a pop artist who's selling gazillions of records. And you know there's only a handful of people who do that."

"So we went in to record like four songs for an EP or a single and that. And got 12 songs pretty much done and so we went back for round two and got three more - four more. We've got 15 on the go. So that wasn't in the card we didn't realise that but the great thing is we haven't got a label and we were able to go OK we're not gonna do an EP. We've got an album so that was really cool and it was nice to be able to improvise like that in this era and day and age where music's where it's at. It was kind of cool that we can actually do that and actually have an album out and do it for the right reasons. The artistic reasons. Not like well we've got a label chasing our ass or we've got this and da da da. It actually naturally went Oh OK we have an album's worth of material let's finish it off. And I think the songs will be better for it I think they're less contrived because of that. We don't worry what they're gonna be you know there's no concept per se. We usually have a brief. We kind of brief each other - OK the album should be this or whatever. We'd base it on a few factors. With this one it was like wide open. It's like the first album you ever do."

Casino Shows

"We're actually doing four shows. Our friend Steve Brown's actually stepping in and playing guitar and doing vocals with us. He's standing in for Vivian which is really cool."

Vivian Campbell's Health

"Well we've got these four shows that we're finishing off. Viv's obviously in hospital - he's having the Stem Cell treatment and then heavy duty chemo. He's in remission so it's all good but they just wanna make sure. They just wanna get rid of this - anything kind of remaining. It's a pretty hefty kind of deal you know. They have to - he's has to stay in there for a month or two at least in the hospital so he's doing that."