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Joe Elliott Says New Album Sessions Were Amazing - Audio

Saturday, 17th May 2014

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Razor of 96.1 KLPX radio recently and the full audio is available and a transcript.

Joe talked about the Down 'n' Outz video shoot, The Further Adventures Of... album/band history, Black Star Riders, the Summer Tour 2014, the proposed Pyromania residency and 2015 studio album sessions.

Joe talked with much enthusiasm about the February writing/recording sessions for the 2015 studio album. The band are currently back in the studio (minus Vivian) for the second writing session.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview via the link.

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Razor - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album/Pyromania Residency

"We will be eventually doing one yeah. We haven't nailed one down. Luckily for us that we haven't actually tied ourselves to doing it at any specific time because when Def Leppard got together in February to start writing some new material. We kind of figured in that month we might get three or four things on the go but we came out of there with like 12 ideas. Three of which we could actually release tomorrow. The rest of them need a lot of work. But when we realised how much good new stuff we've got cooking we realised that that's gonna take a priority over doing a residency of old material because we're just itching to write new stuff and get new stuff out. With all due respect to the Las Vegas situation we can kind of do it whenever we want. But when you've got a momentum of songwriting and it's really coming together it's such a shame to just shut it down."

"We will do the Vegas thing again cause they want us and we loved doing it. But when we had this all of a sudden - I don't know what you'd call it - we got together and the energy and the electricity in the room when we started writing was just amazing. And we just really wanted to focus on that so for the time being Vegas is kinda on the back burner but not for very long. I mean I dare say we might be doing it at the beginning of next year or Spring or something like that. But the priority is after the KISS tour is to go back and finish the new material and then hopefully they'll be a new album some time you know Spring time 2015 maybe they'll be a new Leppard record."

"We did three new songs on the end of the Mirrorball album which came out 2011. So that's like three years ago and that was literally three years since the Sparkle Lounge album. So it was a nice bridging thing. Those three songs were as strong as anything we've written I think. Undefeated did very well for us at radio. And the other two songs were really strong songs so I knew that we know - we all kinda know we can still write but the fact of the proof of the pudding was there to be heard. And it's like OK that was nice to add those on to the end of the live album. And then we've obviously with VIVA Hysteria! that came out on CD and DVD. So there's new product but it's not really new music so I think that just kind of psychologically kicks you into another gear. OK we've had a live album followed by another live album now it's time to do some brand new stuff. And I think the focus all came together at the right time."

Summer Tour 2014

"Both bands have got full production. Both bands are playing for the same amount of time. You know so it's basically two headline acts on one show. We've said it many times when we've gone out with a major act which is what we always like to do. It keeps you on your toes but the reality is it's one and one making three. It's all about the audience it's not about the band. It's about where would you wanna be on that night if both bands are playing. I think you'd wanna be there. I think it could well be the tour of the summer."